As we almost reach our 21st birthday (hooray for being alive) that only means one thing…we old. And with old age comes, kids. Not all of us have em, some do, some don’t know they got a kids, but most of us try our best to provide, guide, and mold little “us’s”. Apart of that is keepin’ our kids cool and dapped up. Whats more cooler than an INFINITY SHAKA Tee for da keiki. Don’t Sleep, cause by the time you read this its sold out. No worry we gonna reup fas. Mahalos & Let Da Kids Play!

Street Fight

We been doing our take on Street Fighter since the first flip of SFIV. Eventually we did Akuma aka ShAkuma 1 and 2, Chun Li Shaka, Beast Mode, and now ShakaKen & ShakaRyu. Now available on our webstore. Don’t Sleep.


We made our return to D-Con in 2017, it was fresh. Always great to connect names with faces or IG in that case, haha.  Made new Ohana and learned a lot this past year.  I always try to be observant of my surrounding, brands, booths, techniques, and take a temperature of what the consumer wants.  That noted, and i aint tell you, we be ready and giving you that Lightsleepers Stee.  Stay tuned and Don’t Sleep…by chance if you have a design or product that you been yearning to cop but its an old one or always sold out, ima try make it happen.  Mahalo – ktc


The White Woods Camo is our new 5panel cap.  We usually don’t have the luxury to have a sample sent to us of our caps so when this came in and we cracked the box…HEAT! This cap came out dope.  It is amazingly matches everything.  Who would of thought a white & grey tonal cap could be a ‘daily driver’ cap.  Click on any of the photos to cop.  Don’t Sleep.



What up doe.  Its been a long time i shouldn’t have left you.  Like most brands will shut down and put a ‘under construction’ sign up. Well we not like most so we updating and grading while you read. A grip of huge things been going down and in the works.  Hope you can check in and get down with us.  So don’t half step…Don’t Sleep.