The crew at Atypicalliving is hosting this art show @ Starbuck-buck-buck of all places. Most likely the first of its kind at Starbuck-buck-buck and in Ewa Beeeeatchhhh.  Its free and there might be some caffeine boostas for ya tired ase!

Mix plate…Locals all ova!


Extra scoop rice and mac goes to the Siq Rec Fam!  One, they raised money and food for the unfortunate.  Two, they did a free show at UH, and Three, they put together a super duper fresh Comp of Siq Artists, New Cocoon, and LS.  22 Tracks of mouth watering delicacies.  Check WWW.SIQRECORDS.COM to pick it up for a value meal price.  Hmmmm.


Congrats to OSNA! Winner of Beatroot 6/6 Prelims!


This beatroot was oddly interesting. The evening started off with DJ Cozy losing his keys and stuck in Makakilo. Anthouse, was a no show? No phone call no text, just a crummy email after the fact. Then this old dude named “Electric Dreams” shows up and says he was ready to be a Alternate. Come to find out the OG has some beats. Last, out of nowhere this one dude comes up to the stage just as i decided to myself that Anthouse was a no show. His name was “Chastise” from Okalahoma. The Okalahomie had some heaters. Big ups to the Judges: Race, Studderin’ Stan, and Quest. EMC and all the peoples. See you the finals.

Aesop Rock

…Just in case you missed the “show” here is some footy. Super wack that you can’t record the show. Why wouldn’t you want your fans to record your show? Money? You tube is viral! In fact you can make more residual loot when your fans do your job. Wack. Worried about someone making a DVD? Unless its a Obama sex tape then don’t worry. Big ups Well.Being.

Fybes get his due.

Yes, about time that the homie and OG Lightsleeper producer/spiderman/mc? get his just due. If you know Fybes, you know that this is not like him. He doesn’t want the spotlight and could careless if he is hyped up or in a mag. But i do! hah!


Giant Robot, gives a sweet interview with the IN4 crew. Go pick up a copy, then take that copy and go to IN4 skateshop…ask for Keith tell ’em “Kavet sent you!” then, ask for his autograph. If anyone does successfully gets Keith’s ‘John Hancock’ and can prove it ill give them a LIGHTSLEEPERS shirt!

SilentStage x Woes x Obama!

To celebrate Barack Obama’s step into the Oval Office, Silent Stage has teamed up with Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin to produce a limited edition “Shaka” offset poster. Aaron was asked back in July 08′ to be a part of the “Manifest Hope” show which kicked off back in Denver Colorado, August 25th 2008 and ending in Washington DC, January 17-19 2009. With names like David Choe, Shepard Fairey, Andy Howell, David Flores, Ron English, & many others. Aaron was quick to support his home town hero from Hawaii with an Obama “Shaka” painting featuring Barack Obama in a Hawaiian Shirt throwing up the traditional “Shaka” symbol.


Each Limited Edition Offset Poster is hand numbered & measures 18″ x 24″ & comes with Certificate of Authenticity. The poster will be an edition of 300 and will price at $25 each. The posters will be available for sale on on Monday, January 19th at 1pm PST. You can also check out a small “Manifest Hope” video which features Aaron Martin’s painting in the Denver Gallery back on August 25th 2008.

For doze that slept…

For everyone that slept…zzzz…Hawaii’s dopest show of 2009! and i don’t think it will get topped! I know i missed Q-tip the only thing that could of kept me away, the well being of my family, but that was it. So i took care of the Keiki and Wahine. Got down their at 8:00pm. Lofa, Honozooloo, and I geeking!


One thing i had to get when i was there…A picture of Aesop Rock’s Tattoo. I remember seeing it in a few interviews and videos, so it was a must that i got this flick. Lightsleepers=Must not sleep, must warn others. Check the blogs of NMB, Lofa, and Myself for detailed info. Yo even Fibes came out. Respect to Creed, Packo, Cage, Wiz, the other dj, Dibbs, El-P, Rob Sonic, and Aesop Rock!