Super Crew


Super Crew=Battle Monkeys-Doknock-Vex-IQ, Full Force-Ronnie, & KnuckleHeadZoo-MikeMurda-Ben. They will be at P-Type i guess chilling out, copin’ new gear, photos, signing, and eating at Mo’s. Show your support for some real B-boys that have been putting it down for some time now. All the rest of the ABDC crews are subpar to SC. Whats Morals Lab? Who is Morals Lab?

Triple A


Triple A is a fresh name.  But these artists are more Major League.  For those that don’t know Woes was the Employee of the millisecond at Borders.  Nah, he and my homie Kawika was my caffeine providers.  So next time you robbin’ Borders by reading every mag and putting it back in the wrong place, spock out the Trip A’s.

MTA Caught.

Authorities said the group is responsible for some of the city’s most notorious acts of vandalism, most notably L.A.’s largest tag: the giant, half-mile-long “MTA” scrawl that appeared last year along the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River near downtown.

Choco Lovo


The Starfish guy got his solo show goin’ down.  Good to see homies get theirs and create.  Support local artists of all genres.  Chocolate thunder!


BJ got worked from the start. He had no chance. Out fought on all aspects of the game.  Incase you missed it or want to re-live the hurt do so now.  I still believe BJ is legit. Just didn’t show up to the office tonight.

Girl Invite.

Somehow Skateboarding became fam with the Hip-Hop culture.  Majority of the kids now days that skate usually at one point get into graffiti.  A few venture into beats and djin’ like Anton Glamb, Sean Payne, Ion Myke, Observ, Sean Riley, and Fybes.

Big ups to Ryan Spencer from 180 Boardshop Maui.  He took 2nd place in the Girl Skateboards Invitational.  So far Hawaii has been running it.  2007 – Danny Hamaguchi -APB  took 2nd. 2008- Jordan won the employees contest.  2008 – Nate Guest gots 2nd also from 180.  Good to see Hawaii peeps running it.

“Sleepers” 40% off & H(art) show.

First, Mahalo to all that supported the Pop-Up store and making it a success.  We still got  a bunch of sizes left, so if you never bought one, now its your shot!  Use the word SLEEPERS when you check out and get %40 off each shirt you buy.  We gotta make room for spring/summer and we wanted to hook up the peeps that couldn’t make it out or neva have much loot.

Also we wanted to say we will be Pulling the name out for the winner of the ANGRYWOEBOTS X LIGHTSLEEPERS skateboard deck.  Hopefully this week. So if you bought a shirt you could be the lucky one.  *sidenote* we might not get MF DOOM, sorry.

Wade got a event goin down should be fun for all. Free. DJ mems, Nabahe, Fatsoul, Koak. and friends. Check the tube for mo’ info.

Stay Gold!


Blue Hawaii presents: STAY GOLD, featuring the works of MOE RADKE and TES ONE! With DJ NAK on the wheels of steelo. Guest artists: Jerk, Skech, MyCryptonauts, 14400, Jon Radke, and Woes. The OPENING NIGHT is Invite only so get at me ASAP! All Lightsleepers heads welcome.

STAYGOLD @ Blue Hawaii Kalihi. 9pm to Midnyte! to get on the guest list.