The Lightsleepers is Hawaii Hip-Hop roots, culture, life, curating, all day – everyday.

The Roots

Founded in 1997 as a radio show on KTUH 90.3fm called, “The Lightsleepers”. The show was birthed and hosted by Kavet the catalyst. Before the show went off the air in 2001, the accomplishments the show achieved was never done in Hawaii. Listeners from all over the world tuned in to a Hawaii Hip-Hop show. Artists would make it a point to stop in to the show, such as Aceyalone, Jeru the Damaja, Q-Bert, Shortcut, PEACE, Myka9, Radioinactive, Peanutbutterwolf, Sole, Dose, 2Mex, Visionaries, Busdriver, and countless others. Also in that time period the “LS” were able to release 2 tapes and 1 CD, “Narcoleptic Symposium” – a compilation of Hawaii artists as well as artist that stopped into the show to freestyle, “Juxtaprose” – Kavet the catalyst’s first solo tape, and “Narcoleptic Symposium 1.5 Ana Love Digi” – the 2nd compilation from Hawaii.

Non-stop love for Hip-Hop, the Lightsleepers continue to drop gems, jewels, and diamonds. Growing out of the soils of the radio show we have been releasing Music from Nomasterbacks, Wade, Earthmovers, Jus1oh, Dj Observ, Sentr1c, and ktc, with much more to come.

In 2002, we made our first Lightsleepers shirts and since then we have been steadily been releasing designs as the demands grew. We’ve been blessed to work with Angrywoebots, Peekaboomonster, KOAK, Matt Tapia, Angel179, Phonetic Control, SpelOner, just to name a few.

We started doing events starting 2001-2002, to combat the monotony. On-going events/shows such as Trip the lights, Beatroot, Inertia, Heartists, Hip-Hop Cinema, Games of S-K-A-T-E, and 2H 2F. Ktc, learned early on what it took to create an original, groundbreaking, fun, event by following the likes of Kilowatts Mongoose, Hesham, G-Dog, Flash, and G-Spot.

Overall, spreading the love for Hip-Hop and all things Fresh, through example, action, educating, progressing, elevating, and cultivating.

The Lightsleepers; never sleep, don’t sleep, and won’t sleep

God Bless – ktc