? How do i get my event/news posted on the front ?

Best way is to join the message boards and post it in the Events section. Most of the time we will repost on front. Majority of the events/news is things we are involved in, homies of, positive cause, or we just dig. Just do what you do and if it jives we will try to post it. Blessings.

? Do you guys sponsor events ?

We can possibly throw you a few shirts, stickers, and whatever free garb we get from the homies. If your looking for money, sorry no buku here.

? Can you help me with my event ?

We are down to help or be involved with any events that jive with us. You won’t catch us at a country line dance comp. Pitch us the idea or vision and we can see how we can help.

? Yo how can i be down with yo’ crew ?

Lightsleepers have never been about a gang or a label. Its always been a Ohana of individuals that share a common thread for freshness. Kavet started this as a radio show that spread the good word of Hip-Hop. People automatically gravitated to that. Many writers, mcs, bboy, djs, skaters, beach bums, average ho-hums support and ultimately rep LS just on the strength that they believe in the whole. There is no secret code or grand puba to tell you your a “Lightsleeper”. Just support, contribute, elevate and progress your craft, and don’t come WACK!

? Where can i get a shirt, CD, etc. ?





? How can i advertise on Lightsleepers ?

The only advertising we have is the banners on the right of the site. These banners advertise on going events or select companies. If you would like to advertise please contact, lightsleepers@gmail.com for rates.