The Honolulu Night Market has grown to become a awesome monthly for Hawaii and especially for us.  We get to play the music we love, move some product, and create new relationships with the people.  We also got the Crappy Kids next to us which makes it always a riot, those kids are crazy, we love crazy.
The Set up, changed up a few things and we also got our new volunteer. Austin is going to be a Senior at the best High School in Hawaii, Kamehameha. He is like waldo try find him. DJ Enjay on the tables.
Mike Love and Paula Fuga, i swear these guys better win a American Music Award or Grammy. Their music is real Hawaii soul, roots, and Hawaiian Culture. Not no Jawaiian, but real Native Music. Sucks for Lofa, he wasn’t there for this favorite track.
The Crappy Kids, gotta love these kids. They really have fun with their brand and are one of the very few and far that i co-sign. The don’t front and they do what they want following no trends. With all the brand out there they are on the rise. Now to figure out that weird crap they do when they take photos? its like a emo curtain with your fingers, go figure.
Life savers, thanks TCK for the smean burger, it was like crack cocaine with sausage and mozzarella cheese, tomatos, unicorn sprinkles, and lettuce all on a focawhat bun.  Ono bu! IMG_0121
Me and Jerome James go back, whay back, im talking first year of LCC and inviting me to skate with the Millz fam at City Mill at night, you OG if you know about that.  His family is ultra talented drummers.  JJ has a traveling band at HNM that move up and down the street he always stops off at our tent and vibes out to our sounds.  J-rome the Dramaja for the OGs.IMG_0123
The brotha, Ckaweeks had a few pieces for sale with the monies going to the American Cancer Society.  The homie Brian picked up this Stay Classy Shark, respect! IMG_0115The cat and the lucador is still available! Hit me up at if interested.  shoot boots.IMG_0117
DJ Apocalypse brought out the wax and played a smooth set of all original breaks.  We play dat real feel music…well we do let DJ Enjay fly off the hinges and play some mainstream stuff, but if Flint Flossy is in the mix, we all good. Don’t Sleep on us, Every Night Market, we on.