The FINAL Beatroot Qualifiers went in! It was a little ruff at the start due to the amount of producers flaking on me, but the show went on…

Big ups to Osna of the Angry Locals/OPP. He took the last Q and now will be reppin’ at the Grand Championships.

Todd G, came with some grimy beats.  Look for his upcoming projects ready to drop later this year.

Devious of Trackbaby Records, repped hard.  I was expecting more Whitney tribute beats from other producers and he was the only one who came with it, extra points!

The homie Sosa, is a man of many talents not only a ill beat maker but a up and coming designer.  He was painting live at Art & Flea and bounce quick fast to enter BR.  The traffic was insane and he missed the first round, so he had to show case in the end, respect.

I would like to thank Easy Music Center; Peter and the Staff for always being ultra down.  Incase for supporting us these past years.  The producers that take the time to hone their craft and bless us with beats, God Bless your career.  All the performers this year, Broke Mokes, Night Marchers, Hosana, Christian the Lion, and anyone else i forgot, thank you. All the regulars that make it out every battle, and all the people that ever supported.   I will be seeing you in April for the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS, Don’t Sleep!