All Pau Wow!

I never got to go to the final brew ha ha, but here are some photos of the afternoon before the partae. You can say that the Pow Wow is All Pau, Wow!

The Homie Moses Aipa, when NMB x KTC stopped in SF to do a few show before hitting up the Northwest we met Moses he was just starting to work with Incase.  Fast forward a grip of years and now he is the big kahuna (pun intended).  Big ups to SFU, Well.Being, Honozooloo, & Chippy.

Try and analyze this!  Its dope and by far the biggest legal piece of art done by someone not named Wyland or Artists.



Meggs & Prime = Murderah!

The layout.



Lightsleepers got a team. The Top Team. This bike puts all fixies to shame.  Thats how we do.