…its 4:20am i don’t smoke weed, and there is a handful of things for me to do on top of God, Family, & Work.  We will be releasing more than a fistful of new colorways and shirt designs.  Lofa thinks he Martha Stewart and wanted to to Pillows, Tote bags, Toy Trucks, Sticker packs, & Severed Angry Woebots Panda King Heads.  DJ Observ, VEZZEN, & OliverTwist on the music duties.  And the bestest thing of all free soda from Waialua Soda Works! Did i forget to mention the “horse de urbs” or “pupus”?  Twinkies, Ho-hos, & Ding Dongs, SONNNNNN!  November 6, 2010 is the date @ Split Obsession – Ala Moana, 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  ***Check back for the ill previews on what we slanging***