MTA Caught.

With Saber killing the LA river way back, this comes as a surprise that the popo would go after MTA. Saber is all over the mags, dvds, youtube, etc. MTA not as out there, but i think that they are involved in “the hustle and slang” that eventually got them Got! If it was just graff, i think they would of been wanted but not pursued. Even in graff you gotta keep it clean. Heres the story from the LA Times…


Authorities said the group is responsible for some of the city’s most notorious acts of vandalism, most notably L.A.’s largest tag: the giant, half-mile-long “MTA” scrawl that appeared last year along the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River near downtown.

But on Wednesday, authorities said they finally had arrested the MTA crew, including “Smear,” a well-known “graffiti artist” whose work has been sold in some downtown L.A. art galleries.
These are not kids from the streets.Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said one of the suspects drives a $60,000 BMW while another wore a diamond-and-ruby-encrusted Metro logo pendant valued at $27,000.

“These individuals are responsible for tags not only in Los Angeles, but Las Vegas and San Francisco,” said sheriff’s Cmdr. Dan Finkelstein, chief of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police.

Authorities have long been frustrated by MTA, which they said is responsible for thousands of tags on businesses and public spaces, as well as transit buses and trains, which has been the taggers’ particular target.

The crew allegedly also defaced freeway overpasses and signs as motorists whizzed by below them.


During raids Wednesday morning, Finkelstein said, investigators found customized, high-pressure fire extinguishers that, when filled with paint, allow taggers to shoot paint on the underside of a freeway overpass and produce tags.

But officials said the taggers outdid themselves when they hit the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River in downtown’s industrial district.

Authorities estimate that it took about 400 gallons of paint — 300 gallons of white and 100 gallons of black — to create three block letters that cover a three-story-high wall and run the length of several blocks between the 4th Street and 1st Street bridges.

The tag has been an eyesore visible from downtown high-rises and freeways for months. But removing it is proving difficult — and costly.

The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the MTA tag from the river alone will cost $3.7 million because hazardous materials crews must create an elaborate dam to capture all the paint and runoff water so it doesn’t get into the riverbed.


To read the entire stoy check the LA times!

17 thoughts on “MTA Caught.

  1. Metro is on it. its funny because that things next to the Saber piece. its a big conspiracy. they’re pulling this move to get money before the economy turns for the worst. they’re capitalizing on this to gain those extra funds. when do they ever buff or even clean the river? everything else that you can really see is still running. i don’t get it?

  2. Word. either that or someone ratted them out. I wondered why MSK / AWR can do youtubes, dvds, shows and never get busted. either their smarter or Boost Mobile and the corporate loot is protecting their cash cow.

  3. fuck the pigz! both the law and the government is corrupt in many ways and this is one off them.. olso the war on drugs is a bunch of bullshit ever sence it began.. they dont legalize marijuana cuss it will free a bunch off potheads that r in prisson for drug matters.. and that will make the prissons loose lots of cashh..

  4. fuck the cops!!!!!!!!!!………the army&cops r just doin this becuz they want some money from the MTA…….tagger out there stay up!!!!!!!!!…….lol

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