Fresh Cafe Wherehouse.

This is the spot that we will be doing Beatroot Bodega & Beatroot Grand Championships. The Fresh Cafe has been open for a bit and they expanded by opening the back where house.  I love the spacious stage, the low height of the stage, the space, its out of downtown, and there is a cafe in the front. Spock the space!


As you enter there is a bar to your left, yes drink responsibility and chill, we all grown folk.


Ahh, i love the stage and the black walls. A performer can deliver and still connect with the crowd.


The electric vehicle dude rents out space during the day, pretty sure the bikes won’t be there. Lofa will.


And whoa! They got a loft for VIP whooo. Very Impersonal People. Thats not us so well use it for a chill spot.  Mahalo to Tiff the owner of Fresh Cafe for all her hospitality. see you there.