E Komo Mai…


After 1,000,000+ hits…

Here it is, the new LS site. Nothing fancy, tech, or flashy. Overdue informational about LS, Artists, A Mailing List, a FAQ, and a Discography. We will be posting Innerviews with the movers, shakers, weirdos, peeps close to us, and those that need to get their over due props! More video and audio. We are working out the kinks but will have a weekly track posted so you can listen to the new while you surf, dude.

A few little nooks and crannies to be explored so if you got it take some time and check it. But we will be updating the site with angry content daily so don’t be surprised if things change.

HUGE MAHALO to FYBES, for web slinging all these years. His knowledge, time, and commitment to LS will always be priceless. Check out his handy work at www.in4mants.com as well as other off shoots. (He just copped a MPC 100o and itching to work, get at a ninja)

So lets all work, lets network…

God Bless ~ ktc

ps. Ahhhhh, you thought i forgot about the fagboard, i mean the tagboard. Say peace out! What was supposed to be used for posting up to date info, events, and opinions, only turned into plain nonsense. Out of all the people that have been helping with the site and i consider their opinion a factor, i was the only one who wanted it up. So now if you got something to say about somebody we taking it back to “old western” steez and say it to their face, Mann up.

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