A year or so ago, we previewed this shirt just to pay respect to another Hawaiian UFC Champion. It was Max Holloway that showed the true Hawaiian grit and grind.  With no hype or fanfare he grinded his way up the ranks of the UFC and is still the only one to take Conner to a 5 round decision.  Every fight he made Hawai’i proud.

Since we already have a string of dope Shakas, the Wizard – Spel Oner, whipped this one up and we dropped it on the public a year ago.  If you reading this and don’t know how we operate im put it like this:  if everyone is going one way, we go the other way and along the way pull a stick and move.  So for us to do a “fight” tee, which there are already choke done by many local brands, that would be overkill…but Spel Killz so we must kill ’em.

Mahalo for the all the support and we hope Max Stay Blessed this Friday.