We been celebrating AIR MAX DAY since the inception in 2014. Released our first shirt in 2015. Not that we don’t like Jordans, but been air max’in since jump. So when NIKE decided to create a holiday for AMX we thought it be dope to make a tee to honor a staple for all us Hip-Hop heads.

We decided to mash up the epic screen, when you not catchin L’s: GOT ‘EM! with the OG Mobile Suit; RX-78-2 Gundam. Its just fresh to intersect two cultures like sneakers & OG mecha anime.

Had to replaced the AIR MAX 98 “Seismic Veloctiy” aka “Gundam” then added our twist of mecha typeface.

We picked the AM 98 cause its 2018, it only made common sense, but i guess you thought we were gonna do a 97/1 shoe, nope. We still want the kicks, fo’sho, but damn hype beasts gonna be out and a bot.  The tee drops 3/26, but stay tuned for an early release link, for all that actually check out website and read.  Mahalo for the support. Don’t Sleep.