“POKE” EP by Kavet the catalyst

Its been 3-4 years since i put out any music.  Since then i opened the first Lightsleepers retail location in McCully. I Quit my job to do so. Try my damn best to be a husband and father.  Also the countless design, shows, and misc things that life throws at you.  So for me to release this EP, POKE is huge.  I know that kids now days release mixtapes and beats on the daily and i know thats not my race to run. I have a new race and its pure creative and challenging, which i welcome with open arms and ears.  I’ve been yapping about my RAW VOL1 beat tape so much i figure i put up or shut up, so that is why i wanted to hit you with this EP, because talk is just air moving, im trying to bend earth.  So i hope you enjoy the RAWEST beats to come out of Hawaii.  Don’t Sleep.