Year: 2012

Stop biting

When Sentric moved up to Seattle a while back he connected with the homies Ear Dr.umz and Absolute Madman. Any fam of Sentric is now fam of ours!  Like Beatroot, in the 206 they got the Stop Biting Beatmakers Showcase and Competition every 2 to 3 months.  They recently released a Beat Compilation of some of the producers that have graced the event.  With Ear Dr.umz, Absolute Madman and Sentric holding it down for the Ohana! Make sure you download the album while its free and if your in the 206 stop in and enjoy the beats! Don’t Sleep.

After raising $1000 dollar to help the Tsunami victims in Japan, we decided to quickly do something for the people that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  So we made the call and these talented artists came through.  So hopefully you can donate $5.00 or more which it will all go to help our East Coast peoples. God Bless and Don’t sleep.



We love skratching! From the Beginner to the vet, come and get some tips and refreshers on the art of Turntablism from the best in Hawaii to the best in Canada! DJ Elite holding it down with DJ Mana from Montreal getting tech!  Guaranteed to be a fun and ffffffrreeesh night. Making me itch!

skills talk x bboy in Shanghai

DMVR is holding it down as in new school promoters doing events! Will be a super sick event with tons of bboys from the mainland battling and dancing. Check us out at the event we will be backpacking with new product.  Get at us.  Don’t Sleep.


We got to DJ Night Market again and gave em a really mix, i came with boom bap, underground, into downtempo, a good chunk of that new beats, newer Hip-hop, and back to boom bap.  DJ Enjay, held it down with the more popular side of music. Fun to be had.

We didn’t have a booth, for some reason, but i ganked a table and set up our 3 new shirts and amazingly we sold a grip, thank you for all your support!

A view from the wire.  I spin only wax when i do a personal set, i don’t care what is hot, i still believe that the DJ controls the crowd, that we are the tastemakers, we introduce the joints.  I know a lot of DJ’s play what the crowd wants to hear same old same, we need to play what the crowd would want that they never heard yet!  Respect the art form.

Mike, Wu, ktc, and Kermit…how we get it done. Peep us at the next one where we will be doing what we do. dope. Don’t Sleep.


We be up in the spot bring the beats back to beats and rhymes.  KTC and Enjay always fresh.  This time around we won’t have a booth so make sure you hit up Lofa or KTC if you wanna cop one of the new shirts just released, no be shame, we know yo name!  Be safe and Don’t Sleep.



The Mind Tactics radio show is the longest running Hip-Hop show in Hawaii.  I have the utmost respect for Jimmy Taco and all the work he has done for Hawaii Hip-hop.  Its always a blessing when any radio plays you music.  You can check out The Mind Tactics every Saturday Morning at 2am or download the show and listen to it later. Big ups Taco! (listen and download below)