Year: 2009

Honolulu Hale!


Get your Christmas on and peep the Honolulu Hale.  The closest thing we got to a Winter Wonderland. Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a fun New Year!

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and God Bless to you and yours! Get at me if you are looking to go to church this holiday season, my church got a bunch of services – day and night (minus kid cudi).  Cool. Peace!



Photo stolen from  Big ups Alex from the band: GRLFRNDS for rocking the LS x OldeIvory clash shirt.  Great to see LS in different settings, scenes, music, and people.  I really dig their music as well, this was before i found this picture.  Im sure Race or Lyle had something to do with this. Thanks OI.  Hope to do more clashes with OI. Catch the GRLFRNDS playing gigs around town.  Peace.



Dj’s Fame and Bumble B got that Hi-Note every wednesday at 39’s. Oliver twist is the guest DJ this week spinning only instrumentals.  Respect it up! Shoots.

Deck the Halls-recap.

Mahalo to all who supported Deck the Halls and every person who donated their hard earned money to help Kenny.  APB, In4, Fitted, and Redbull. Manifest; Justin, Lucky, and Brandon.  Big ups to Yong-Ki from Solitary Arts for making the trip from SF to Hawaii to support.  It was awesome to see the skate community, the art, the Hip-Hop, and the rest all converge at Manifest.


Amanda Garcia, KATCH, & R-Zone.


Woes, Lucky Olele, Justin Park (top), J. Menor, and Amanda Garcia.


Joe Gosalvez and Oliver twist. 4 turntables, 2 mixes, a few samplers and a mic what a great night.


Evil Genius, Eukarest, and Jeremy Strength.


Chris Oliveria, Roll Skateboards, and Dyson Ramones for Blue Hawaii.


Chris Kam, Ckweeks, and Phonetic Control for Oasis Skateboards.


Ryan Lau, KOAK, Pancho, ???, Newkon, and Kenny.


Janel Natividad, AngryWo, and Lucky Olelo.


Observ and Oliver.  Jamal killed the mic all night long.  Honestly, if you want great Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Breaks, Hard drum tracks, and Music that you might of heard, know of, or know you know, we got the beats for you. Pure musical soul.


Manifest packed.  Gotta figure out how we can cool the back area we were dying of heat and i’m sure majority of the peeps in the back were as well. One minor thang from a night of positive. Let all live long and full yall. God Bless.

Deck the halls


This is it, Friday Night!  Free! If you can’t make it friday night the decks (not sold)  will be up until Monday morning.  So i would advise to come on friday because everyone that buys a deck can take it that night.  Remember all money goes to Kenny who is fighting Leukemia.  Even if you can’t buy a deck come thru and donate a $1.00.  Oliver Twist, Observ, & ktc will be on 4 turntables and a mic.  All vinyl no serato.  Remember i’m down to open the mic so lets go!  Mahalo for supporting.


This is going down b4.  All i gotta say is Biebel is in Hawaii. All under 21 you can check out the decks b4 9:00!

The new new koncept.

The first time i heard of Newkon was thru my homies KOAK & Shaun Castro, they just finished painting Hypersquad in Waipio or it could of been in Waipahu.  I was like “hypersquad brah that place is wack”.  I only said that because i based all of my experiences with “Hip-hop” dance companies as the same; a bunch of femme dudes and spandex chicks dancing like N’sync and knowing nothing about Hip-Hop culture. After getting to know Newkon and his brother Josh, i got to realize that they are some cool cats that respect the Hip-Hop culture and teach that in their company.

New, recently got blessed with an opportunity that most would dream of and is moving to L.A. to pursue that dream.  Zipped a few questions his way to pick his brain before he jets.


1.  How has your life changed in the past 5 years? 5 years ago i wasn’t really drawing, painting or anything like that.  I mean I always drew but never put myself out there until about 3-4 years ago.  Now about to live the dream and try and take it to the next level as i move to LA.

2. You started late in the game in terms of Art/Graffiti/Artshows etc. Who were your initial influences? Graffiti influences? Look and Biest were the first heads to take me out and showed me the ropes. As far as influences… Too many to name but off my head it would have to be Katch, Mean, KOAK, Asalt, Oz, Scribe and my all time favorite Quest.

3. How did the Kallusive thing pop off? Hmmm… Straight luck! I mean it was all by chance that they came across my work. I was actually surprised they liked it, especially coming from LA, land of the heavy hitters. I think it came down to determination and the willing to put myself out there.

4. Whats going to happen to Hypersquad? Josh is whats gonna happen. Hypersquad is all his now and he and his girlfriend will continue taking it to the next level. Think about it, if your not old school and you say Hypersquad, people say Josh Ulep! Josh surpassed me a long time ago. Hypersquad is in good hands.

5. What is your vision for NewKoncept/Newkon the brand?
My vision is to put a newkoncept out there. Something that when you see it from a distance, there’s no question it’s Newkon. The formula is there, I guess you wait till it hits stores in January lol.

6. What is the best way to say NO to a hot sexy dancer chick wanting to ravage your body? You don’t! You say YES!!!

7. Final shouts, props, and stuff? Big up’s to my two crews DC4 and PFOM, Alex, Michael and the Kallusive fam, Hypersquad/The Hype, Spiffy Media and all of Hawaii! And of course… LIGHTSLEEPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty 4

Mighty 4 went down and it was great to see Hawaii’s Hip-Hop community come together.  Big ups to all who supported.  Here is a few pics of the jam.  Overall dopeness.  B-boy came hard.  Djs played dem breaks (i wish i saw vinyl), and everyone had a good time. DSCN1474

The open cyphers were sick.  I think Hawaii is hungry even more now because there seems to be more b-boy from other places moving here.  Hawaii get up!

DSCN1459Jus1o, came with the breaks. This fool by far Hawaii’s best B-boy/break dj.  He still digs religiously and comes up on gems in Hawaii.


The black book battle was surpisingly thick, over 10 entrees.  I don’t know who won but i think we chopped up the prizes so the top 3 writers got to go home wit some thing.  Respect the Writers.


Final battle was, WAIKIKI BOYS vs. RED EYE VENGANCE. Kel-rock was killing it and i even noticed some new moves.  But Red Eye was on point as always.  Respect the B-boys. Big ups M4 and Paulski, Froi, and Antricks.

The New Fumanchu.

Picture 1

The Crew at Fumanchu Clothing has revamped and busted out the gate with a new website look.  Also along with a new website look they just dropped the Holiday Season.  Available at Prototype and Seras. Also on-line @ Big things coming out of the Fu Camp! I’m a tru Fu i’m a tru fu manchu!