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Gotta support the boys at ALL NATRO!  If you want a break from all the Hip-Hop going on this month, come out and chill to the righteous vibes of ALL NATRO!

Been waiting for Hosana album!  I also heard about this vid too. Well produced and a hype track.  Good to see the homies killing it.  Hosana will be back in town for the Siq 2year anniversary!  Huge up!

Your Boy Maleko, drops a little knowledge on his come up.  A lot of the people mentioned in his bio has also help myself and the LS.  Really good history lesson on West coast underground.

Ultra props to all who came thru and supported. Good things came out of a stressful situation. 1-we got super good sound lock down for next time, try guess. 2-Beatroot June is on lock, sign up now. 3-we actually made money to pay out $200 to 1st and $100 to second.  Got a recap later…but Sentric wanted to send his love and submit his remix of Chi-towns “Devils Sweet”.  Sen and Heardrums out of Seattle have been rocking shows recently and have been creating a buzz up NW.  Yall gotta hear the live set, killah!


Name: Sentric
Age: 32 (yep yep, I’m old)
Equipment: Akai MPC 2000XL, Steinberg Wavelab
Years Producing: Since the birth of EC Massive in ’96, on the MPC since Y2K
Musical Influences: Atari, Commodore, Sega, and Nintendo.  I learned how to push buttons from them, and game music is ill.
Shouts: To all my fam and friends, 1 Love and I miss y’all on the strength.  And to my homies Eardrumz and Jake, much thanks
for helping me to wake up again.

“God Suite” – Sentric


Big ups to Stan, for participating…i’m digging it a real break from his staple. Freshness.


Name: Studderin’ Stan
Age: 23
Equipment: FL Studio
Year Producing: 2006
Musical Influences: Beatmakers like The Are & DJ Premier, all the dudes who’ve won a Beat Root, and God’s Word.
Shouts: Jesus, Lightsleepers, groundUp, atypicalLiving, genuineHI, Prolifik, ReDefine, Honozooloo, Vitalsee, RDSP, Kings of Yag, The Deadbeats, The Perfect Median, Juando (LOPL), Mems, Kutz, HE>I, GBC Fam & all the Hawaii artists. Big ups!


Mahalos to Slapp Symphony, GenuineHI, Atypicalliving, & Fumanchu Clothing, with out them this CD would not have been possible.  Don’t you get excited when you see boxes at your front door? I love it. Totally forgot the Beatroot Samplayer CD was coming today so i got a lovely surprise when i got home from work.



Remember first 100 at the door with paid tickets, that means if you get a free ticket you can’t get one unless you buy a ticket. Gotta reward the peeps who help keep these things a float. IN4mation, Easy Music Center, and

SENTRIC: Destination Beatroot. Sen, drops his BR battles sets from 2007- 2008! This CD is available at all Lightsleepers events and on-line @ WWW.ELESHAWAII.COM. This Hawaii battle vet has entered beat battles from Hawaii to Seattle to NYC. He made the finals of the International Producers Association in NYC, losing only to a NY fave DJ Skills. Support Hawaii Hip-Hop or at least the dopeish.p3220004

Heres a little sample, just and example…