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Gotta support the boys at ALL NATRO!  If you want a break from all the Hip-Hop going on this month, come out and chill to the righteous vibes of ALL NATRO!

Hosana & Maleko

Been waiting for Hosana album!  I also heard about this vid too. Well produced and a hype track.  Good to see the homies killing it.  Hosana will be back in town for the Siq 2year anniversary!  Huge up!

Your Boy Maleko, drops a little knowledge on his come up.  A lot of the people mentioned in his bio has also help myself and the LS.  Really good history lesson on West coast underground.

Beatroot Aftermath + Sentric.

Ultra props to all who came thru and supported. Good things came out of a stressful situation. 1-we got super good sound lock down for next time, try guess. 2-Beatroot June is on lock, sign up now. 3-we actually made money to pay out $200 to 1st and $100 to second.  Got a recap later…but Sentric wanted to send his love and submit his remix of Chi-towns “Devils Sweet”.  Sen and Heardrums out of Seattle have been rocking shows recently and have been creating a buzz up NW.  Yall gotta hear the live set, killah!


Name: Sentric
Age: 32 (yep yep, I’m old)
Equipment: Akai MPC 2000XL, Steinberg Wavelab
Years Producing: Since the birth of EC Massive in ’96, on the MPC since Y2K
Musical Influences: Atari, Commodore, Sega, and Nintendo.  I learned how to push buttons from them, and game music is ill.
Shouts: To all my fam and friends, 1 Love and I miss y’all on the strength.  And to my homies Eardrumz and Jake, much thanks
for helping me to wake up again.

“God Suite” – Sentric


“the devil ain’t sweet” by Studderin’ Stan

Big ups to Stan, for participating…i’m digging it a real break from his staple. Freshness.


Name: Studderin’ Stan
Age: 23
Equipment: FL Studio
Year Producing: 2006
Musical Influences: Beatmakers like The Are & DJ Premier, all the dudes who’ve won a Beat Root, and God’s Word.
Shouts: Jesus, Lightsleepers, groundUp, atypicalLiving, genuineHI, Prolifik, ReDefine, Honozooloo, Vitalsee, RDSP, Kings of Yag, The Deadbeats, The Perfect Median, Juando (LOPL), Mems, Kutz, HE>I, GBC Fam & all the Hawaii artists. Big ups!


Samplayer Arrival.

Mahalos to Slapp Symphony, GenuineHI, Atypicalliving, & Fumanchu Clothing, with out them this CD would not have been possible.  Don’t you get excited when you see boxes at your front door? I love it. Totally forgot the Beatroot Samplayer CD was coming today so i got a lovely surprise when i got home from work.



Remember first 100 at the door with paid tickets, that means if you get a free ticket you can’t get one unless you buy a ticket. Gotta reward the peeps who help keep these things a float. IN4mation, Easy Music Center, and

Sentric: Destination Beatroot.

SENTRIC: Destination Beatroot. Sen, drops his BR battles sets from 2007- 2008! This CD is available at all Lightsleepers events and on-line @ WWW.ELESHAWAII.COM. This Hawaii battle vet has entered beat battles from Hawaii to Seattle to NYC. He made the finals of the International Producers Association in NYC, losing only to a NY fave DJ Skills. Support Hawaii Hip-Hop or at least the dopeish.p3220004

Heres a little sample, just and example…