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the 4 elements of life.


What up doe.  Its been a long time i shouldn’t have left you.  Like most brands will shut down and put a ‘under construction’ sign up. Well we not like most so we updating and grading while you read. A grip of huge things been going down and in the works.  Hope you can check in and get down with us.  So don’t half step…Don’t Sleep.


TONIGHT (at) 6:00pm we are having our first Art Show presenting: SPEL ONER! Spel has been putting in work for LS for a decade and we are only skimming the surface of the art work he has been producing. We have 2 shirts, “The Pill” & “BoomBox Commander”. Hope to see you their, DON’T SLEEP.


INERTiA 10 is finally here, time to get down and funky to some breaks. Im hyped to play some music and let the B-Boys & B-Girls git down. We got a Black Book Battle hosted by Truestory Textstiles. Also a Full Contact Kendama Battle hosted by HNL Kendama. A grip of free prizes to bless the people who decided to support us for the 10th INERTiA. Promise to be fun if you let it get into you soul. Don’t Sleep.

Check out his promo for INERTiA 4, the footy is from INERTiA 3 at UH Dance rooms. I can remember it like yesterday, so much fun. Mox battled Oliver Twist in the MC battle final. I think the Ala Wai Swim Team won the teams. Duo Rockwell won the footwork and tops battle. I love Hip-Hop!


ECMassive is and was: Kapuni aka EP/IG88, Melvin aka Sentric, Ka’ala aka Lance Longshot, Kavet aka the Catalyst/K-Netic, Juando aka DJ BM13. We made one cassette tape, then Ka’ala & Sentric moved to Wash St. So me and EP created IVUnit. This was one of the many songs we made and released in 2000 on Narcoleptic Symposium. Livicated to EP/IG88.

Final | Hip-Hop | Trops

The longest running Hip-hop event is about to be on sabbatical.  DJ Bone has been putting it down for years now and his event, Hip-Hop at the Trops has now outlived the venue, The Trops! So Now we might see Hip-Hop at the Zoo? Nah. Nuff Respect to all who supported, performers, artists, and the peoples.  Don’t sleep.