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The last of the 6 qualifiers, its already a stacked Grand Championships so whoever wins this one will already add to the dope producers waiting for blood.  We need one more producer to battle, here is the current line up: SenDr.izm, Weaver Beats, Red Irie, Magu the Dog, & Rawnie Lovely….one more producer and we good to scrap.  Don’t Sleep on BEATROOT, tomorrow, this WEDNESDAY!!!


Signif Play2win art

JBM BEATZ was the first to qualify for the BEATROOT GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS!  He just dropped a slick & melodic production with Female MC SIGNIF feat. ELZHI.  Looking forward to hearing more the fam aswell as see what he gonna bring to the BRGC14′-15′. Don’t Sleep.



We got the last BEATROOT 2014 Qualifiers – September 3rd, Wednesday at Easy Music Center, 5pm to 7pm.  The winner of this will move on to battle the other 5 qualis: JBMBeatz, RolanTheory, Studderin’ Stan, Magic Atlas, Scott Ohtoro, & ? ? ?.  Super excited for this last banger.  Don’t Sleep.

BEATROOT 2014: 5/6

(Anton Glamb, DJ Jrama, RolanTheory, WeaverBeats, & Red Irie)

Congrats to RolanTheory on taking this months BEATROOT Qualifiers.  This one was another banger, so many styles and everyone coming with heat.  We were all blessed with audio delights.  We on chill mode in July, then back in August for the LAST! Qualifiers, so don’t sleep.

BEATROOT 2014 | 5/6


BOOM! Its on this Thursday at 5pm we got a stacked line up of producers: DJ Jrama, Red Irie, Nate L, Anton Glamb, Weaver Beats, & Arghmar.  Whoa! Free event and all ages, can front on Hawaii’s talented beat craftsmen.  Don’t Sleep.

BEATROOT 2014: 2/6 RE

There went another one in the books. BR Battle vet; Studderin’ Stan banged out a winning set against, King David.  Every producer came with the heat and being a judge was the last thing anyone wanted to be.  Big ups to Wes Beats, DJ Jrama, and Winzel McFly for laying down the beats.  See you April 24th for the next quali. Don’t Sleep












Innerview with JBmBEATZ

We are gonna start early and highlight each producer that wins a qualifier. The winner of the first quali is JBmBeatz, go check em…
Name/Producer Name:

Where you from:
Houston, Texas

How long have you been producing:
I’ve been producing for about ten years now.

How or what made you start making beats:
I began creating beats after watching some of my friends. I would give them my feedback on what sounds or instruments could enhance their music. They suggested that I start making my own beats. One day they took a lunch break and I was in the studio alone. I jumped on the equipment and the rest is history.

What equipment did you start with:
The equipment that sparked my production endeavors was the M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi controller and Propellerhead Reason 2.0 software. I was advised early on to start off small and if I stayed the course with the production, then upgrade the equipment if or when necessary.

What you rocking now:
Currently I’m using multiple pieces of gear. The majority of my production comes from the Akai MPC 3000 and MPC Renaissance. I also use the Roland SP 404 and Native Instrument’s Maschine. Within my creative workflow, I have found various ways to maximize multiple pieces of gear in order to create the type of sound or vibe that I’m looking to achieve.

How did you find out about BEATROOT:
I discovered Beatroot through the net. More specifically on Youtube, via the Beatroot Grand Championship 2012 Producer’s profile Jer-Z-Ric.

How did you go into/approach battling in BEATROOT:
To be honest, it was a 50/50 split decision as to whether or not I should battle or not. It was a spontaneous decision to enter the BeatRoot. As for the goods on my approach in the BeatRoot Qualifying Round, the basic version can be found on my website. I’ll release the goods to my complex battling process after the BeatRoot Grand Championships this summer. lol

Present/Future projects we should check out:
Yes at moment, I’m wrapping up my production for Hip Hop artist Signif’s album titled “Friction”. Projected to be released this summer.

Website and contact:
Artist and listeners can check me out at: and if you are into twitter you can find me @jbmbeatz.

Thanks to the Beat Root staff for this interview. In closing to all the producers reading this interview don’t give up and believe in your music.

Peace and Blessing- JBm

BEATROOT 2014: 2/6


That was fast, we on to the next BR.  We got 5 producers ready to throwdown, we need one more, are you that one?  Studderin’ Stan, King David, Winzel McFly, DJ Jrama, Wes Beatz, & _____________.  Hit me up at if you wanna battle or more info. Don’t Sleep.

beatroot 2014 – 1/6 Photos

















Congratulations to JBmBeatz on winning the Beatroot 1/6 Qualifiers. All the other producers came with some major heaters; Scott Ohtoro, Winzel McFly, & Studderin’ Stan. Its an awesome start to another great BR. Don’t Sleep.



BEATROOT 2014 -1/6


We revving up on that BR tip, and we on point like Q! Got a full cast of dope producers, so blessed: Scott Ohtoro, Valtzy, Studderin’ Stan, Kazu the Gonzo, JBmBeatz, & Winzel McFly. Oh lawdy!  This Thursday at 5pm – 7pm its going down at Easy Music Center, FREE, so just bring the headnod and positive vibes.  Shoots. Don’t Sleep.