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Last Beatroot Qualifiers!


Here we go! This is the last Qualifier for Beatroot Championships.  We will be Qualifying 2 producers at this 1 battle. The catch is we will be taking up to 8 producers.  The winners will battle in February for the Grand Championships.  Big ups to Easy Music Center for all the support and all the producers that have judged, its a hard one.  So lets have a fun night of beats….How about the first beat be a Christmas themed beat.  Hopefully the producers are down. to enter.

JER Z RIC! BR.Q Winner.


The wheels keep rolling and the beats keep flowing…Beatroot Qualifiers went down and it was fun.  Kayphade, Jer Z ric, & Bad News. Yes we were short 3 producers, but hey! It went down and 2nd time entering Jer Z ric came out victorious.  We tried our new system and boy was it a mathematicians dream.  I think we are going to simplify it.  Lets Get it in for the next BR. Q – November 18, 2010!  Mahalo to all who supported and to Easy Music Center.

New Judging?

At one point we only had 1 producer –Jer Z ric,  battling at Beatroot this Thursday.  Then Kayphade came thru and entered, props. Today, a producer named Bad News is now entering with his MPC 1000.  I figured this might be a good time to introduce a Judging system. Each producers beats will be judged on 7 different categories, with a score from 1 to 10.  10 being the highest and 1 the lowest.  A “perfect” beat would be 70 points. Remember this is a work in progress and i am down for input.

+Originality Does the beat have its own character or does it sound like J-Dilla, Kanye, or any other thing on the radio.
+CompositionDoes the beat just go boom bap for 2 minutes or is there change ups, build ups, breakdowns, intro, outro, etc.
+Sound Does the sample drown the drums? How does it sound? Does instruments & samples jive?
+StyleDoes the producer have his own, i hate to say it, swagger?
+TechnicalityIs the producer actually playing his beats live, banging on the drums, how physically technical is the set?
+ConceptDoes the beat tell a story. Does it follow a concept or a theme.
+Feel Some producers have it, some don’t. You know that feel when you hear a DJ Premier beat or a Jus Blaze beat.

Please feel free to hit me up and help me refine this judging system, i think we could be on to something.  I know it will help clarify reasons and there will be less ties.  BEAT the ROOT, Thursday!

Beatroot Qualifier #4!


We are still looking for 5 more producers for BR/Qs.  No matter what i do, email, text, facebook, twitter, and post all over the place it seem that the producers are over it, not interested, too busy, or just plain lazy.  Well we still gonna rock out this season and if it gets worst by the end of the the Grand Championships, then instead of having 6 Grand Championship Producers i might just do the Battle of the Championships with just the 4 Grand ChampsQues, Laels Beats, Ely, & ???.  If people don’t wanna support and producers are not willing to enter, that cool, i tried, it sucks, but what can i do.  So i hope we can get it banging again.  Thanks you. to enter.



Congrats to TKO for winning the BEATROOT: Qualifier 2.  The finals was TKO vs. ThunderTrax. Big ups to JerZric, Studderin’ Stan, & Devious they blessed us with some fiery beats.  My bad for not putting in that major work for this Beatroot, i was all stuck on Bodega.  So lets put it out there if you wanna battle in the next BR get at me, all the dates are on the flyer.  Need more MPCs, been missing seeing that machine at the battle.  Big ups Easy Music Center & Incase.

Bodega (recap)

BEATROOT BODEGA II went down and went well wicked.   Mahalo to all who supported and see you at the next one. On & On…


Record face in full effect, Idris stylee.  There was gems up in these boxes, thanks to Jules from Leilow.


DJ Observ, yes one of the few new kids to embrace vinyl and still be future forward thinking based on the dirty & dusty past! Props.


Jesse Garcia aka 2mttz, with the gambit of goods.  Records, Books, Magazines, & some slick vinyl toys.  He is mos def down for the cause.


Homie came through and scooped up a gang of records, he had really good taste and balance as well – dusty’s and some new sounds.  Props for being a OG Lightsleepers radio show listener too, booyah!


I had to sneak a pic of this young girl diggin’ in the crates.  As always the youth is the future, let the kids play.


Kurtis & his friend, i love these Triple OG’s.  They vended the last BRB and were one of the first to confirm the spot.  I swear Kurtis is famous on some level i just never had time to ask him what band or instrument he plays.


A Dig dig dig, a chop chop chop.  It was dope to see people that you know aren’t as hardcore about vinyl as you, but they are looking for that one record or a few records for their home collection.  It says alot about a person that has a record player in their living room and a cool collection of wax.


DSCN2753 We had 10 vendors, 2 backed out and 1 was a no show.  Please don’ t be a flake and please don’t commit and don’t show up.  Call, text, email, something.  Mahalo.


What can i say, i bet they didn’t play this record at the pool party they had last week.  I bet if i did a booty bass mix at the pool party i would MURKED all dem people in Babylon. Chee Luke!


Ramases of KTUH came thru in a clutch! 10 crates and a super dope portable turntable.  Ill talk about that later.


Sean Payne, can’t front one of my favorite skaters and to find out that he was a Hip-hop head, vinyl, & loved that dusty machines. Props.


SP-12 x SP303 x Wave Twisters x Toy Turntable x Public Enemy Banner = Classic Forever.




Tom “Vinyl” Smith, he got them records!  European psych-rock, wow.  He always comes with his homemade crates, so dope.  He could be my fathern age, but i love to talk to him and learn more about music. Knowledge.



Space & Sound: Trav15 and Vezzen.  Nosaj Thing & Teebs came down to Hawaii by the hand of this crew.  I love the forward thinking and the initative to get things done.




Jay from Vital Cee, repped the crew and bought a few gems off of Observ.  Can’t front on that J-Live, its the best part.



Here is Ramases, explaining to me how he copped this TT for $15, it was broken but he geri rigged the motor & greased it so that it now works.  This little bugga got that booming sound. At one point it was providing the spot with music.



I seen this one guy pull out a Lemuria record at the beginning of the sale, i was like damn i could if got that and flipped in on Discogs like someone we all know. Hehe.


Overall, another great and stress less event.  Thank you to FreshFumanchu for always having our back.  All the Vendors.  All the people that came through and made this a classic event.  Bodega III in Dec or January.  Mahalo & God Bless.

Beatroot Q2

We are still looking for Producers to enter the 2nd Beatroot Qualifiers, this Thursday @ 5pm.  The winner will get a spot at the Grand Championships early 2011.  Please contact to enter or for more information.  Heres a quick overview of the rules:

– 6 producers – 2 minute beats max – 1 beat per a round – final round is 2 beats each – must bring beat machine (or at least a laptop) – no Ipod, cds, & mp3 players – every producer will battle at least twice.

More info or to enter, get at me: Mahalo.