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And we back, with more BEATZ & PIZZA.  This months featured producer is none other than OSNA a.k.a. OSNIZZLE.  By far one of the most all around musician in Hawaii.  His catalog is deep and his crazy stories is deeper.  If you are a new jack producer or vet, we welcome you to play your beats & grab a slice.  6pm to 9pm, with OSNA going on at 8pm. Free at the Lightsleepers McCully Location.  Don’t Sleep.


BEATROOT 2018 and we are locked and loaded with the entire season.  Also a new email dedicated to BEATROOT: if you or your producer friend would like to enter BR hit up the email.  Incase you don’t know what BR is you must be living under a coral reef, cause we been doing it for over 10 years. Trust me this producer came in to the shop diggin’ and never heard of Lightsleepers or BR? Maybe its arrogant of me to assume he knew but c’mon man, if you was really making music the natural hunger to play your music to someone other than your cat and moms would of forced you to find us…anyway hear are the rules/lowdowns:

  • Battle consist of 6 producers with all original beats produced by them!
  • Battle is head to head, randomly picked.
  • Each beat is 2:00 minutes max.
  • Producer must play beats off of laptop, beat machine, or controller.
  • NO playing beats from phone or tablet (exceptions may be made but highly discouraged)
  • First round, 1 beat each, 3 battles, 3 winners move on to final 4
  • 3 losers battle in “sudden death” round to take the final spot in the final 4, 1 beat each.
  • Final four, 1 beat each, 2 battles, 2 winners move on to FINALS.
  • Finals, 2 beats each, 1 winner moves on to Grand Championships!
  • Incase of a Tie, producer will play another beat, there can only be 1 tie, no second tie.

Any questions please email:

Don’t Sleep.


BEATROOT 2016/17 is back with the 5th of 6th Qualifiers!  We got a full deck of producers ready to get down







Battle starts at 5:00pm and ends at 7:00pm.  Don’t Sleep.



Big ups to Hypoetical for this really awesome flick of me breaking down my history and the roots of the beat.  We are embarking on 12 years of BEATROOT dating back to 2004.   Hope to see a packed house this Thursday at Easy Music Center / 5 to 7pm / free.

-Producers Battling-





…and we back with 2016 BEATROOT. I would like to say its been over 10 years but it feels like we were doing it for a few years before, fine tuning the BR formula around 2002-2003. Big ups to Mel-Z & Sentric putting me on to the International Producer Association (IPA) battles in NYC, back when they all battled with MPC’s, SP’s, and ASR’s.  July 21st, 2016 is the first prelims.  We have 4 solid dates and working on 2 more before we post up the schedule.  We also have set group of judges that will be judging.  Lastly, our new sponsor Lila Divine Audio Headphones each prelim winner will get a pair.  As always its free and at Easy Music Center

Don’t Sleep!  more info or to enter:

JBm Beatz: Producer Profile

JBm Beatz, is a super humble producer. He is constantly diggin’ for records and learning about Hawai’i’s Hip-Hop scene. Originally from Houston, now residing in Hawaii, he will bring that Texas Heat to BEATROOT GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS! Don’t Sleep. Shout out to Truest Hawaii for the spot location.

Scott Ohtoro: Producer Profile

The first in six, Producer Profies for Beatroot Grand Championships 2015 is: Scott Ohtoro of Eso Music and producer of The Super Groupers.  Originally from L.A., now living in Hawaii he brings his L.A. beat foundation to Beatroot GC.  He will also be performing with his crew, Super Groupers.  Big ups to Hypoetical for the Post work & About the Goods for the location.  Don’t Sleep on BRGC 2015.

BR 6/6 PAU

Honestly, i knew it was coming.  How could it have not being that Reggae music in Hawaii is so dominate.  Congrats to Rawnie Lovely, on winning the 6th qualifier for BEATROOT 2014/15.  Big ups to SenDr.Izm, Magu the Dog, & Red Irie.  This coming BR Grand Championships is gonna be unreal, Don’t Sleep.









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