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After a high demand to sell our vinyl stickers online we finally took the time to upload and are ready to ship out. Thank you for your patience.  Every style and size have different colors available so make sure you take a look good.  We also re-upped on the LS white drips new era snap back, if you buy a snap back, now i will throw a few stickers.  Go cop a few and bless up your car window, she deserves it.


Our good friends SCRIBE & Alisa Ross are here for PowWow Hawaii 2013 but they will be leaving before the Final Ceremony so we decided to help them out by having a Meet & Greet with them and a few of our friends. Jim Mafood is an amazing artist, some might know him for his cartoon work with the movies, Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob.  Others might know him for the work he has down with Murs and Slug of the group FELT.  Also in the house is Home town Heros, Woes & Ckaweeks.  Its a FREE event from 6 to 9pm, so come thru and chill out. Shouts to Palmetto from Silent Stage Gallery and 808 Urban, for the love and support. There will be product for sale and we might even have Donuts there. Haha. Don’t Sleep.


“This run of Resin Bees is limited to 15 in this color way and if it does well we plan to do another color way limited to 10 ( Crimson Tide with Translucent red wave ). I drew this bee character last year with the guys from Lightsleepers brought me and Alisa over to Hawaii this year. This year we are going back to Hawaii for Pow Wow and made this run to celebrate our love for Hawaii and the people we work with. In this run of 15 we will be taking 9 exclusively for the Lightsleepers crew and we will sell 6 state side through our site. Each figure has been hand painted and put together by scribe. (4 separate resin pieces and fabric chin strap.) Finished piece stands 6.5 inches tall. The first 9 that are numbered go to Hawaii and the numbered 10 thru 15 will be sold through our store for $150 at 5pm central time on Wednesday, January 30th” – SCRIBE

If your not in Hawaii and want to cop this go to:


Big things for the Ohana! From Jet setting around the world to coming back home and moking out in Kaneohe, Woes is murdering his bucket list.  Im sure that one of those in the bucket was this new release and ultra anticipated 8″ Dunny.  To be released on the 6th and limited to only 1250, just as hyped as the Bred 11’s!  Be sure to check KR and woes site, especially if you looking for that special artist proof, the 1 of 1 type. Don’t Sleep. &