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I invited anyone to remix the Beatroot sample song, which is Chicago’s – “Devil Sweet”. First submission was Dubyoues, a fairly new young producer on the scene. Dub, got that hunger that us folk lack! He bang this out quick. Digging the vibe, good stuff, check it out. Watch out for Dubyoues! Press play to hear the remix.


Name: Dubyoues Beats

Age: 18

Equipment: FL & MPD.

Years producing: bout 1 year (choke mo stuff fo’ learn)

Musical influences: Beatroot vets, hah, my tat’s vinyl, & everyone puttin’ in work in the HI.


Dubyoues / Mexican Fight Song a.k.a “Devil’s Sweet” rmx]

[audio:mexican fight song.mp3]

Beatroot Sample Track!


Chicago VII – “Devil Sweet

Beatroot is coming and that means a new song to chop up. Last BR it was Tropea -“The Bratt. This time we taking it to the Windy! The home of Typical cats, Rubberroom, Common, and No I.D. For the knownotts, this track is to be used by all the BR finalists. Their task is to chop, loop, deconstruct this masterpiece of sound into their first beat for BR. The beat must be 2:00max and only use sounds, drums, etc from this ONE track! Honestly, its so easy this track got choke sounds, open drums, open bass, brass, etc.

Feel free to do a beat and i will post it up here with a little profile on you. Have fun and Beat that Root.

(send beat to


Sample the sample example! The live version is different from the one on wax, just for you to spock!

EK up n’ the Bay!


Came across this flyer…EVERYBODY KNOWS vs. RUGGED at GrindTime West Coast. Word rep the Island man. I wish it was all Freestyle these battles. They are super entertaining, witty, brilliant at times, and i would pay to watch it, but with no beat and everyone rapping the same cadence, using the same words, dog. Yo dog. F*uk dat. Dog. and its only obvious that its majority writtens. Dog. I could go on and on. Dog. F*uk dat. Dog. The one thing i know is EK freestyles like its writtens, reminisce of a one Omega 6. Go kill ’em i am predicting a win! Ruff – Ruff!

The guy on the left is EK opponent. Spock ’em out.


BJ got worked from the start. He had no chance. Out fought on all aspects of the game.  Incase you missed it or want to re-live the hurt do so now.  I still believe BJ is legit. Just didn’t show up to the office tonight.

Girl Invite.

Somehow Skateboarding became fam with the Hip-Hop culture.  Majority of the kids now days that skate usually at one point get into graffiti.  A few venture into beats and djin’ like Anton Glamb, Sean Payne, Ion Myke, Observ, Sean Riley, and Fybes.

Big ups to Ryan Spencer from 180 Boardshop Maui.  He took 2nd place in the Girl Skateboards Invitational.  So far Hawaii has been running it.  2007 – Danny Hamaguchi -APB  took 2nd. 2008- Jordan won the employees contest.  2008 – Nate Guest gots 2nd also from 180.  Good to see Hawaii peeps running it.

Mix plate…Locals all ova!


Extra scoop rice and mac goes to the Siq Rec Fam!  One, they raised money and food for the unfortunate.  Two, they did a free show at UH, and Three, they put together a super duper fresh Comp of Siq Artists, New Cocoon, and LS.  22 Tracks of mouth watering delicacies.  Check WWW.SIQRECORDS.COM to pick it up for a value meal price.  Hmmmm.

Aesop Rock

…Just in case you missed the “show” here is some footy. Super wack that you can’t record the show. Why wouldn’t you want your fans to record your show? Money? You tube is viral! In fact you can make more residual loot when your fans do your job. Wack. Worried about someone making a DVD? Unless its a Obama sex tape then don’t worry. Big ups Well.Being.