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Its over…Episode 2

We are back! Haha, im having fun with these podcast. I hope you can listen, laugh, and share! Please hit us up at: / twitter: sleeptimesover1 / IG: sleeptimesover we welcome any questions, random comments, your top 5 Hip-Hop albums…Thank for your life.


Ethnic Studies teacher Professor Rod & Justine from FOES had a grand idea to feature up and coming Hip-Hop artists in various locations that support the culture.  Filmed by the posse at Aloha Hype, the first was I.A. at ATG.  We were blessed to have Castle Park up in the McGully Shop.  Go Check Em. Don’t Sleep.


Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 11.40.32 PM

Our love for skateboarding is being expanded and expressed with the 1st of our, “Skate or Die” Series.  The Street skating Legend, Natas Kaupas had the smoothest style and innovative tricks.  His art has influence a mass of designers, brands, and companies.  We are proud to present our rendition of his classic Santa Monica Airlines deck.  Now on available in our webstore and at our McCully location.  Don’t Sleep.


TONIGHT (at) 6:00pm we are having our first Art Show presenting: SPEL ONER! Spel has been putting in work for LS for a decade and we are only skimming the surface of the art work he has been producing. We have 2 shirts, “The Pill” & “BoomBox Commander”. Hope to see you their, DON’T SLEEP.

The Prescription to Heal!

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Havin’ a hard time to hear your soul?  How about when was the last time you felt that good vibes?  Wack music got you down?  Ear Dr. Umz got the prescription for your musical woes.  Cop his new album, Hear To Heal: Prescription Bottle w/usb drive, stickers, and some other goodies.  He can only fill a certain amount of prescriptions after that the FDA will be shutting him down due to over exposure to good music. Don’t Sleep.

LSMC Time Lapse

Lightsleepers MC from lightsleepers on Vimeo.

In Mid September, i got the opportunity to open a retail location. Never did i think i would have one. I have entertained the idea, casually inquired, and snooped around the LS shop location idea. I believe that we are not on our time but God’s time. All we can do is make good use of the time we have on earth and every now and then God will hit you with a upper cut. My KO was in the form of a physical location. Its been 18 years since i first blessed the mic on KTUH 90.3 FM with the Lightsleepers Show. In 2016 i will expand on how we got here, the journey, the struggle, and the victory. <--haha that's cornball. Thank You For Not Sleepin'