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BATTEL AVE Hawaii finals

DJ COLOSSUS vs. DJ COZY!  Hawaii represent! The Battle Ave Cut 2 Cut final battle.  Turntablism is not dead regardless of what other DJ’s say.  We still cutting.  Don’t Sleep and congrats to DJ Colossus on taking the win.

Battle Ave Hawaii


Love me some skratchin, it make me itch.   Big ups to DJ Colossus for repeating as the Battle Ave Skratch Champion that was held at About the Goods in McCully.  Also the Scrt Record Store was in effect and i copped some steals!   Once the footy drops we will be sure to post it.  Don’t Sleep.


This part of BR is the hardest part next to judging who will win.  The Sample pack which you have to make beats using only certain albums and remix Hip-hop tracks using the acapellas. I believe you get more creative when you have less to work with, like when producers only had a SP1200 and now kids got 100000 Gigs of sound but their beat still sound like tin cans and lazers, say what!!!  Nah, I picked some classic diggers records and dope acapellas.  So if you a producer feel free to DL the pack and get loose, send it to me via email and ill post it up.  If you just a Music lover, DL the pack you can get those 2 awesome albums free. So NATE. L, ATLAS, JIM HURDLE, MR.CARMACK, WISH, & TSRK get to work! Don’t Sleep. <—–download sample pack here!

Diggers for Record Store Day!

Here is a small kine preview of our Diggers II shirt dropping for Record Store Day.  I think we might try and release this early so you can rock it for Record Store Day on April 20th.  Regardless, this one is a upvamp of the old one and looking fresh.  Stay Tuned. Don’t Sleep.


I Gotta keep it real, never heard of this cat, and on the other hand i haven’t kept up with Q-Berts school of Turntablism in a minute. Only when DJ Packo and Deadfoot get some shine i check it out.  Zeke, utilizing the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 and just 1 turntable, kills it..HARD! Gotta love how turntablism has utilized technology for the better of the art. But with all the effects the best part was the cuts!  Don’t Sleep.


You make beats? But you don’t own no records? No can brah, no can! Friends of the Library have a few record sales a year and usually you can come up on some great digs.  From the vets like Joe Say and Lauren to new the new jacks there was records to be had.

Oliver Twist and KTC on some Hawaiian 45s.

Choke old people diggin, usually the total opposite of what we looking for.

Its always good to have friends that you can give you insight and exchange knowledge.

On some Mexican jukebox steezy but no good stuff on those records, very disappointing.

Some dude had a scanner connected to Ebay to see what records was worth, thats on some kookameyer status.

Woke up this morning with some…

The Legendary “Ray Ramano” if you this guy you know this guy.

MF Doom plays MF Horns!

Butt Face Lofa!

Kids sleeping on this goodness.  Madlib, Emanon, CRU, Pete Rock, Alias, and Daedalus.

What up blood, cool like Ramsey!

Shakas on the 45’s people sleeping, scooped up on the Hawaiian 45’s.  Paid dem dues the records choose to stay hidden. haha. Don’t Sleep.


We love skratching! From the Beginner to the vet, come and get some tips and refreshers on the art of Turntablism from the best in Hawaii to the best in Canada! DJ Elite holding it down with DJ Mana from Montreal getting tech!  Guaranteed to be a fun and ffffffrreeesh night. Making me itch!


With all the technology F’in up the DMC and making it boring, bland, and not innovative as years past, its good to see a crew from Belgium kill it this hard.  I loved how they take it from breaks, to Hip-hop, to Dubstep, and still keep it smooth with flavor.  Someone tell me why overseas seem to cultivate real and true culture better than us in the States. Fail on popular culture. Don’t Zleep.