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Gary | Livicated | Carter

I know like most of my friends in elementary the New York Mets was the joint! The 85-86′ Mets was like the Yankees of today. Gary Carter was the guts, the Catcher!  LIVICATED TO GARY CARTER!


Heavy D, may not be a house hold name in todays Hip-hop convo, but he was way a head of his time with being more than a triple threat; rapping/singing, acting, & dancing.  Whats dope is he could do mainstream tracks but still rip real Hip-Hop tracks like, “Don’t Curse”, which features; Pete Rock, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, & Q-tip!  LIVICATED TO HEAVY D!



The rebel that invested so much into what he believed in has max out his RAM!  Steve “the Mac” Jobs who revolutionized personal computing, how we listen to music, and how form and function can both follow & lead.  I am Apple purist, and i will make sure to do a little PC bashing in honor of the man, LIVICATED!


15 years after the passing of Tupac Shakur, people still talking about him, kids still listening, and his music is making major loot (crazy how you die and make more money; IZ, Biggie, & Pac) I loved 2PAC when he was with Digital, and his first 2 albums, after that i lost connection with his music. He was still making dope music, but it didn’t hit me like b4, still he is a street prophet and one of the greatest rappers to live. I will watch my favorite movie from him JUICE, and then listen to “when my homies call” all day. LIVICATED.

Livicated | Harry Kojima | Let’s Go Fishing

Livicated to Harry Kojima! Like most kids growing up in Hawaii that had a Dad that like to fish, cook, or watch something after Sunday Football, Let’s Go Fishing w/ Harry Kojima was the show to watch.  His local demeanor and cooking recipes captivated the most moked out braddah.  Big ups to Uncle Harry without you there would be no Mike Sakamoto(Livicated), Ben Wong, and that weak fishing show with Dave Landcaster.