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Last of Low End

LOW END THEORY is the blue print for everything in this beat world. The first event i knew of that was producer/dj focused with Daddy Kev’s roots in LA Underground Hip-Hop and D&B, his experience with Celestial & Alpha Pup and then teaming up with Producers/DJ Nobody, D-Styles, and MC Nocando. I was blessed with being able to grace the stage at LET (check that off the bucket list). So when i got the news a few days ago that they was shutting down LET, i was bummed cause that was my spot to go to when i made my year trip to LA. At the same time i completely understand, i did the same with INERTiA after running it for 10 years. Only love for Low End, and all who were involved from Jump. Im hoping to fly up to LA for the last show. Don’t Sleep, keep it low.


Like alot of locals growing up “Hawaiian Music” was played on Aloha Fridays, 105.1FM, clean house sundays, Luau’s, 1st baby parties, Beach, or just when your parents would put on the records. I was blessed my Dad played music with and worked along side many great Hawaiian Legends, he also had all the records!  One being, Peter Moon, he is a staple in shifting Hawaiian Music from traditional into mixing different vibes & styles. I first heard of his music through Sunday Manoa.

“Pua Lilia” always gave me chicken skin cause you know one pretty Hawaiian Aunty gonna jam da Hula a couple chicks from one Halau gonna get up and dance. Another garens jam was “Kawika” which was a standard in “Kamehameha Schools” if you no can pick the first couple bars den you better put down the Ukulele, i put it down (i can jam Surf, LOL).

As much as i loved The Sunday Manoa, it was when The Cazimero Brother’s peaced out and then The Peter Moon band was formed with various lead singers such as Martin Pahinui, Cyril Pahinui, & Randy Lorenzo. At first i was confused cause i thought Peter Moon was singing, but he was more like the conductor/composer.  Genius. Choke tracks i could post but this one comes to mind, “Island Love” a killer cut.

Uncle Peter Moon, created countless jems.  I find it amazing that Hawaiian Music can encompass elements of Folk, Country, Rock, and Funk. The world really don’t give our music the credit it deserves. Anyway, the song that captivates and moves me the most is “Keawaiki” from the first few cords it automatically hits the soul in an area not often touched.

The melodies and the thick rhythm of the instruments topped with the smooth voice of Randy Lorenzo, brah.  When my daughter was born, i knew that i would name her “Keawaiki”…”she gives me love and piece of mind”.  This ones for you Braddah Peter Moon, you was one Killah musician that no one could F wit in Hawaii and The World. I just hope one day the World will appreciate your greatness and i can take from your legacy and apply that to Hawaii Hip-Hop.  Livicated to Peter Moon. Don’t Sleep.


By now if you been following us i think you know the lowdown on the DAFP (Donuts are Forever Pack) So lets keep it visual. 1 shirt, 1 CD, and 2 stickers.  All original designs, beats, and goodness.  Click on any photo to purchase a DAFP!  I would like to stress, portions of the profit will go to fight Lupus in Hawaii and the J-Dilla Foundation.  Mahalo Nui Loa! DAFP will go on sale at 12am – 2/7/2013 Free shipping for 24 hours.



LIVICATED to GABE YUEN. I met him and his crew when i used to work at LMiD in Waikiki.  I remember when i used to go to Lopaka’s house, sunday afternoon, and watch DMC and ITF battles while we practiced skratching and mixing.  Gabe always supported at the shows and used to listen to KTUH.  I lost contact with him and the homie Lopaka when they all moved to LA.  Gabe had nothing but love for his family, friends, and Hip-hop! At least now Kapuni has a DJ to play beats while he freestyles in Heaven. God Bless. Livicated.


Today is EP Day, where we big ups the life of our homie, brother, son, and illest MC: Erikson Kapuni EP/1g88 Perry.  Sentr1c decided to remix glass and group it together with the original and instrumentals.  This track was taken off of Kavet the catalyst’s 2001 album, “Odd ot eht Eye” which is a Hawaii classic yielding other tracks as “Paper Plates” & “Flight w/Omega Cix”.  For the remix he moved the verses around to fresh it up.  Be free to download and spread the word. LIVICATED TO EP. NEVER SLEEP!