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Got It Made!

“I’t talented, Yes i’m gifted, never boosted, never shop lifted…”  The dope words of Special Ed (google it kiddos, lol)  We back at MADE IN HAWAII FESTIVAL.  Its our 4th Year, oh how time flies.  We got the Infinity Shaka that is ruling the Universe.  Added the Infinity Shaka Tank Top which is straight up by request by you the people.  This MadeInHI exclusive is our “Wall of Records” tee shirt and tote. Our artist interpretation of the classic Hawaiian vinyl we all grew up to Love.  Love to see you this weekend at
The BLAZED-L Booth #372
Friday: 10am -9pm
Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Don’t Sleep


4TH OF JULY we will be open half day from 11am to 3pm.  If you come earlier we will be recording our podcast so if you wanna cop fast kine, can.. Mahalos for your support. Don’ Sleep.


A year or so ago, we previewed this shirt just to pay respect to another Hawaiian UFC Champion. It was Max Holloway that showed the true Hawaiian grit and grind.  With no hype or fanfare he grinded his way up the ranks of the UFC and is still the only one to take Conner to a 5 round decision.  Every fight he made Hawai’i proud.

Since we already have a string of dope Shakas, the Wizard – Spel Oner, whipped this one up and we dropped it on the public a year ago.  If you reading this and don’t know how we operate im put it like this:  if everyone is going one way, we go the other way and along the way pull a stick and move.  So for us to do a “fight” tee, which there are already choke done by many local brands, that would be overkill…but Spel Killz so we must kill ’em.

Mahalo for the all the support and we hope Max Stay Blessed this Friday.

Last of Low End

LOW END THEORY is the blue print for everything in this beat world. The first event i knew of that was producer/dj focused with Daddy Kev’s roots in LA Underground Hip-Hop and D&B, his experience with Celestial & Alpha Pup and then teaming up with Producers/DJ Nobody, D-Styles, and MC Nocando. I was blessed with being able to grace the stage at LET (check that off the bucket list). So when i got the news a few days ago that they was shutting down LET, i was bummed cause that was my spot to go to when i made my year trip to LA. At the same time i completely understand, i did the same with INERTiA after running it for 10 years. Only love for Low End, and all who were involved from Jump. Im hoping to fly up to LA for the last show. Don’t Sleep, keep it low.


And we back, with more BEATZ & PIZZA.  This months featured producer is none other than OSNA a.k.a. OSNIZZLE.  By far one of the most all around musician in Hawaii.  His catalog is deep and his crazy stories is deeper.  If you are a new jack producer or vet, we welcome you to play your beats & grab a slice.  6pm to 9pm, with OSNA going on at 8pm. Free at the Lightsleepers McCully Location.  Don’t Sleep.

The Shaka

We did a quick restock online of our Infinity Shaka OG & version 2. Mahalos to all who pre ordered we will be packing and shipping ASAP. Don’t Sleep



DOOMSDAY 2018 is this Friday!  I really don’t know if anyone else in the world celebrate DOOM. For one we usually and only celebrate a famous or influential person when they DEAD. Well, MF DOOM released OPERATION DOOMSDAY on April 20th, 1999 and to me DOOM’s music is more than just lyrics and beats.  The added significance is my MC partner and brotha, Kapuni EP/IG88 is the first one to hip me to Sev Love X transformation to MF DOOM. And since both DOOM and i had a brother pass on too early, even more so, DOOMSDAY.  So, 20 artist, food, drank, and music, plus major product drops.  Stay Tuned and Don’t Sleep.

Front & Center

As i was moving this chair i had in my shop since we opened, that my wife picked out from Re-Use in Kalihi i decided to take a photo in front of the shop before i loaded it up to take home. As much as im blown away how far we came, from a 300 watt college radio show, im not surprised that we are here. I envisioned a shop, always talked about if i had a shop, and even took notes as i visited other shops on my travels. Whats dope is when the opportunity came to open a shop, it didn’t surprise anyone we opened.  The feeling was “it was about time”. Ask me if i was ready, nah.  Did i have the money to open, nope.  Did i wanna quit a dope job with my own office, unreal benefits, great coworkers, NO!  So why did i do it?  Why not…why not me? Since i was a kid i had to operate on “zero” conditions.  No money, got a paper route in 3rd grade. Got my first full time job at fifteen and a half working at a hospital in the medical supplies department, i was the youngest employee they every hired.  I worked every vacation, every summer, Christmas, Thanks Giving, New Years, & Birthdays…that was when i was a Junior in High School.  When i went to college it was no different, we would go out an party or i dj’ed til 2am, then went to an After Hours or ate, got home at 5-6ish, took a shower and when to work at 7am.  Didn’t take out one school loan, i worked, and applied for every grant and scholarship. Zero debt after graduating. What does it all mean? I worked my ass off to get here, am i better than the next man? Nah, but i stand on mine that fo’ sho. So as i sit in front of our first LIGHTSLEEPERS brick & mortar, am i amazed to be here the answer is Yes! but not surprised it was all planned back when i was slinging news paper at 9 years old on the streets of Kapahulu.  God Bless & Don’t Sleep.


We been celebrating AIR MAX DAY since the inception in 2014. Released our first shirt in 2015. Not that we don’t like Jordans, but been air max’in since jump. So when NIKE decided to create a holiday for AMX we thought it be dope to make a tee to honor a staple for all us Hip-Hop heads.

We decided to mash up the epic screen, when you not catchin L’s: GOT ‘EM! with the OG Mobile Suit; RX-78-2 Gundam. Its just fresh to intersect two cultures like sneakers & OG mecha anime.

Had to replaced the AIR MAX 98 “Seismic Veloctiy” aka “Gundam” then added our twist of mecha typeface.

We picked the AM 98 cause its 2018, it only made common sense, but i guess you thought we were gonna do a 97/1 shoe, nope. We still want the kicks, fo’sho, but damn hype beasts gonna be out and a bot.  The tee drops 3/26, but stay tuned for an early release link, for all that actually check out website and read.  Mahalo for the support. Don’t Sleep.


BEATROOT 2018 and we are locked and loaded with the entire season.  Also a new email dedicated to BEATROOT: if you or your producer friend would like to enter BR hit up the email.  Incase you don’t know what BR is you must be living under a coral reef, cause we been doing it for over 10 years. Trust me this producer came in to the shop diggin’ and never heard of Lightsleepers or BR? Maybe its arrogant of me to assume he knew but c’mon man, if you was really making music the natural hunger to play your music to someone other than your cat and moms would of forced you to find us…anyway hear are the rules/lowdowns:

  • Battle consist of 6 producers with all original beats produced by them!
  • Battle is head to head, randomly picked.
  • Each beat is 2:00 minutes max.
  • Producer must play beats off of laptop, beat machine, or controller.
  • NO playing beats from phone or tablet (exceptions may be made but highly discouraged)
  • First round, 1 beat each, 3 battles, 3 winners move on to final 4
  • 3 losers battle in “sudden death” round to take the final spot in the final 4, 1 beat each.
  • Final four, 1 beat each, 2 battles, 2 winners move on to FINALS.
  • Finals, 2 beats each, 1 winner moves on to Grand Championships!
  • Incase of a Tie, producer will play another beat, there can only be 1 tie, no second tie.

Any questions please email:

Don’t Sleep.