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The crew at Atypicalliving is hosting this art show @ Starbuck-buck-buck of all places. Most likely the first of its kind at Starbuck-buck-buck and in Ewa Beeeeatchhhh.  Its free and there might be some caffeine boostas for ya tired ase!

For doze that slept…

For everyone that slept…zzzz…Hawaii’s dopest show of 2009! and i don’t think it will get topped! I know i missed Q-tip the only thing that could of kept me away, the well being of my family, but that was it. So i took care of the Keiki and Wahine. Got down their at 8:00pm. Lofa, Honozooloo, and I geeking!


One thing i had to get when i was there…A picture of Aesop Rock’s Tattoo. I remember seeing it in a few interviews and videos, so it was a must that i got this flick. Lightsleepers=Must not sleep, must warn others. Check the blogs of NMB, Lofa, and Myself for detailed info. Yo even Fibes came out. Respect to Creed, Packo, Cage, Wiz, the other dj, Dibbs, El-P, Rob Sonic, and Aesop Rock!


Heard of small kind about Illmind. SloMo reppin’ Hawaii hard. Mushmouf, dats the homie right there. Yall remember him battling O6 or rolling with Infinite Kingdom. How bout’ 10:15 throwdown. There new crew Fortilive will be back in Hawaii rocking a Pro Bowl party along with OG Homie Tassho Pearce/! Feb 9th is the date. check back for mo’ info.