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BR details


Thanks to all the sponsors of this years BR!  From the ones that been with us from jump and those that helped out by producing the Free cd you will be getting (1st 100 paid).  The physical tickets will be coming in by Thursday.  Admission is $5.00 presale and $7.00 door.  You can get those presales from Easy Music Center and online @ ( there will be a .50 cent extra charge online) or Lofa & ktc.   I will be posting updates daily about BR. so check it. 1 – 2.

Beatroot Sample Track!


Chicago VII – “Devil Sweet

Beatroot is coming and that means a new song to chop up. Last BR it was Tropea -“The Bratt. This time we taking it to the Windy! The home of Typical cats, Rubberroom, Common, and No I.D. For the knownotts, this track is to be used by all the BR finalists. Their task is to chop, loop, deconstruct this masterpiece of sound into their first beat for BR. The beat must be 2:00max and only use sounds, drums, etc from this ONE track! Honestly, its so easy this track got choke sounds, open drums, open bass, brass, etc.

Feel free to do a beat and i will post it up here with a little profile on you. Have fun and Beat that Root.

(send beat to


Sample the sample example! The live version is different from the one on wax, just for you to spock!

EK up n’ the Bay!


Came across this flyer…EVERYBODY KNOWS vs. RUGGED at GrindTime West Coast. Word rep the Island man. I wish it was all Freestyle these battles. They are super entertaining, witty, brilliant at times, and i would pay to watch it, but with no beat and everyone rapping the same cadence, using the same words, dog. Yo dog. F*uk dat. Dog. and its only obvious that its majority writtens. Dog. I could go on and on. Dog. F*uk dat. Dog. The one thing i know is EK freestyles like its writtens, reminisce of a one Omega 6. Go kill ’em i am predicting a win! Ruff – Ruff!

The guy on the left is EK opponent. Spock ’em out.

All Natro!

allnatrolong2Guess who in the Local Reggae band is down with the Lightsleepers.  Big ups to All Natro and their lead singer Kawika, who will twist u in a pretzel if you don’t check out and buy their new music.  WWW.ALLNATRO.COM On the reggae tip big up to Jah Gumby, Ras Bird, Ash, and JT from Ookah the Moc, they been homies from back in the days when they were playing Waimanalo Parties and we went to Kaho’olawe! Hawaiian!

BEATROOT: Grand Championships!


Labor of Love. LCC Theater and Hawaii Theater is booked until June. I tried to go big. So we taking it to the Loft! Still have to finalize: DATE! PERFORMERS! BOOTHS! and a grip of details. Hosted by KTC. Dj Observ & Joe Gosalvez on the tables and samplers! We making it hella cheap! $5.00 pre-sale tickets and $7.00 at the door! First 100 pre-paid at the door gets a copy of the CD-BEATROOT SAMPLAYER? 15+ Producers who entered past, present, BR’s contributed to this FREE CD. Choke mo’ stuff, ohh and this is not the final flyer, but i really dig the G.I.JOE Look, GO JOE!

Different Star


Blue Hawaii Kalihi, been diggin that vibe. Don’t know anything about that show or who it is so its all a mystery to me aswell.   I got mad love for dem cats and they been supporting LS even before they let me work back in the day.  Big ups to Rod, Myke, Reese, Ian, all the skaters and homies.  Let me know if you wanna spock ’em i can put you on the list for the opening night. Hollergram.


beatminerzSo these cats wanna come thru.  How can we make this happen? I am trying to lock down a spot for Beatroot.  The Theaters and auditoriums are booked so it looks like the Loft.  I will post up the date ASAP.  If we could colab and get these cats down that would be nice.  Get at me, lets try and make it work.  Shoots

Super Crew


Super Crew=Battle Monkeys-Doknock-Vex-IQ, Full Force-Ronnie, & KnuckleHeadZoo-MikeMurda-Ben. They will be at P-Type i guess chilling out, copin’ new gear, photos, signing, and eating at Mo’s. Show your support for some real B-boys that have been putting it down for some time now. All the rest of the ABDC crews are subpar to SC. Whats Morals Lab? Who is Morals Lab?

Triple A


Triple A is a fresh name.  But these artists are more Major League.  For those that don’t know Woes was the Employee of the millisecond at Borders.  Nah, he and my homie Kawika was my caffeine providers.  So next time you robbin’ Borders by reading every mag and putting it back in the wrong place, spock out the Trip A’s.