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Sneaker Head Space

The Mayor is having another Sneaker Head Event at Artistry. With no Sneaker Con or DxC coming back to Hawaii there was a void for all the sneaker heads. So he took it upon to create a space for all the sneaker heads and hypebeasts. So look for us posted up in the club with new new drops. Don’t Sleep.


Its that bitter sweet time again where we livicated the lives of two amazingly talented producers that has passed on too fast. J-Dilla & Nujabes.  Respectively, James Yancey & Jun Seba.  Although, oceans apart both created a signature sound.  Stay tuned for the release dates.  Don’t Sleep.


Blessed with the opportunity to provide the soundtrack to OG Japanese brand, Neighborhood colab with Hayn, a slipper brand. In the video they used Hawaii’s up and coming boxing champion and Olympic 2020 hopeful, Asa Stevens.   Shot and edited by my friend Luke Aguinaldo.  Watch out for more of my music and cop it on bandcamp or soundcloud. Don’t Sleep.


Is websites dead?  That is the question with information being fast and in the palm of your hand, even i neglected this website.  Instagram and twitter rules supreme at this point on getting your message, drops, product preview, etc. So i figure ima take this website back and start putting my opinions and views on the state of music, culture, Hawai’i, and i guess fashion?  Also, the new product and events we got goin’ down.  So if you reading this get ready for some boom and bap.  Don’t Sleep.

Got It Made!

“I’t talented, Yes i’m gifted, never boosted, never shop lifted…”  The dope words of Special Ed (google it kiddos, lol)  We back at MADE IN HAWAII FESTIVAL.  Its our 4th Year, oh how time flies.  We got the Infinity Shaka that is ruling the Universe.  Added the Infinity Shaka Tank Top which is straight up by request by you the people.  This MadeInHI exclusive is our “Wall of Records” tee shirt and tote. Our artist interpretation of the classic Hawaiian vinyl we all grew up to Love.  Love to see you this weekend at
The BLAZED-L Booth #372
Friday: 10am -9pm
Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Don’t Sleep


4TH OF JULY we will be open half day from 11am to 3pm.  If you come earlier we will be recording our podcast so if you wanna cop fast kine, can.. Mahalos for your support. Don’ Sleep.


A year or so ago, we previewed this shirt just to pay respect to another Hawaiian UFC Champion. It was Max Holloway that showed the true Hawaiian grit and grind.  With no hype or fanfare he grinded his way up the ranks of the UFC and is still the only one to take Conner to a 5 round decision.  Every fight he made Hawai’i proud.

Since we already have a string of dope Shakas, the Wizard – Spel Oner, whipped this one up and we dropped it on the public a year ago.  If you reading this and don’t know how we operate im put it like this:  if everyone is going one way, we go the other way and along the way pull a stick and move.  So for us to do a “fight” tee, which there are already choke done by many local brands, that would be overkill…but Spel Killz so we must kill ’em.

Mahalo for the all the support and we hope Max Stay Blessed this Friday.

Last of Low End

LOW END THEORY is the blue print for everything in this beat world. The first event i knew of that was producer/dj focused with Daddy Kev’s roots in LA Underground Hip-Hop and D&B, his experience with Celestial & Alpha Pup and then teaming up with Producers/DJ Nobody, D-Styles, and MC Nocando. I was blessed with being able to grace the stage at LET (check that off the bucket list). So when i got the news a few days ago that they was shutting down LET, i was bummed cause that was my spot to go to when i made my year trip to LA. At the same time i completely understand, i did the same with INERTiA after running it for 10 years. Only love for Low End, and all who were involved from Jump. Im hoping to fly up to LA for the last show. Don’t Sleep, keep it low.

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What a long strange trip it's been. First and foremost, the residents of Low End Theory would like to offer our sincerest gratitude for the nearly 12 years of support. It has been an honor and privilege to serve in the capacity we have, rocking over 600 Wednesdays at the Airliner in Lincoln Heights, as well as various tours and spot dates across the US, Asia, Europe and Africa. To every artist who has blessed our stage, we are grateful. To every person who has joined us on the dancefloor, you are the primary source of inspiration for making Low End Theory happen every Wednesday since October 2006. The journey has not been without its challenges. It is therefore with a sense of sadness that we are announcing our last ten shows, starting tonight at the Airliner in Lincoln Heights, with the final Low End Theory planned for August 8. There are several factors affecting this decision. Family obligations. Work demands. Life. The general consensus amongst the residents is that we have overstayed our welcome, and our greatest hope now is that the final ten weeks of Low End Theory can serve as a time for the beat community to set aside our differences, come together, and hopefully remember what made Low End Theory a special place to begin with: the music. Very truly yours, @daddykev @nobodybeats @djdstyles #lowendtheory

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