Bank Shot


With social media being the King of obtaining information, we figure to post up on our website (does anyone check out websites any more?) first that we are officially at The Bank Sale 6 in Anaheim.  We know LA is waiting for us and so much love and support has been shown thus far.   Stay Tuned and Don’t Sleep.


Word has it there is a new Cannibal Ox album in the wind, with DOOM cameo. Im stoked for this, as much as i love the new Hip-Hop Artist doing their thing, something about my era or artist and peers that stimulate music differently then today. Stay Tuned. Don’t Sleep.


CLIPSET = DIPSET! I wish they would use Clipset instead of Lob City. The Hip-Hop reference to “Dipset” just feels basketball, but whatevers, we supporting The Rim Reaper and CP3. This is our 3rd colorway and as long as those two ballers are on the team, Clipset is in full effect. Shirt is now available at our webstore: (



Tiger in the Sky

Our only skater that we sponsor, is also a super talented musician. Creating music for some time with the ultra talented photographer/musician, Casey Liu, together they are, Tigers In the Sky.
They sent us this shot of Lionel rocking the Camokeflauge 5-panel cap while they were in San Francisco.

Currently, they are recording their first album on the strength of their successful kickstarter campaign. Don’t Sleep on the Tigers.



…and it don’t stop, you know how we doozit!!!  Refresh for 15, we bangin beats on the block with the usual subjects: Enjay, Kutz, Ratchet Rey, & Kavet the Catalyst. With special guest DJ, Tittahbyte from About The Goods! Will be another fun night, come cop that new Clipset and ALSO shirt.  Don’t Sleep.

Atmosphere in Hawaii

There couldn’t be a better way to start a new year than at an Atmosphere show.  Big ups Ant, Slug, and DJ Swamps doppelganger.  A perfect concert to put focus on an new year.  Let get to work.  Don’t Sleep.



HAPPY NEW YEARS. God Bless you and yours.  Now get yourself a good cup of whatever you drink in the morning and lets hit 2015 hard.  Don’t Sleep.



Fukubukuro, basically means “Lucky Bag” in Japanese and in Japan its huge.  It’s to celebrate the new year by hooking up the people with the steal deals.  We figure to get in on this and just hook up a limited quantity of LS fam just for today.  For $50 bones you get $100 of LS swaggotry, what you ask?  Its a SURPRISE and well try our best to hook it up, so don’t sleep.  Limited quantities per a size & free shipping.  Don’t Sleep & Mahalo.

Get your Fukubukuro ((( Here )))



I am pretty sure if you order by today, you will get your items in by Monday/Tuesday.  So i hope all you late shoppers take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING til‘ 12/25.  No codes needed, the shipping is already taken off. Sorry Free Shipping only in the US.  Mele Kalikimaka