I’m sure every company says they have the best fans, not us, we got the best Family. The gambit on who rides with us is super random and that makes it even cooler. Here’s a few flicks of the fam rocking the new LS New Era Fitted. So much love. There might be sizes left go to our  Don’t Sleep & See you at Art & Flea.





A New Era…

“Hard as F*#k” is what was told to me by one homie. An yes, these are H.A.F. can’t front. So many times i was temped to just give up and do the LS Script on another brand of hat or give in to making it a snapback first. But my gut was to believe that we eventually would land a New Era Fitted and through some really solid friends my dream became a reality. For some brands this would be so minor, like, “oh wow you made one new era cap, big deal?” We all KILLER, no FILLER, brah. Like a MC we only come with rich content, abstractions, word play, and punches, NO FILLER. So to all the LS heads that share our sentiment, Mahalos for your support. Don’t Sleep.

We will be releasing these fits at Honolulu Nightmarket, Sat 16 & Online at Midnite for all the “Sleepers” world wide.


First heard this banger on Soundcloud, just caught wind of the video. Boogaloo Buzz One is one of the dopest MC from Hawaii paired with one of the grimiest, JusOneOh. Check the new video and expect a full album from the Ohana. Don’t Sleep.

LS Script New Era Fitted


These have been in the making for a while.  A Lightsleepers New Era Fitted.  For our first one we kept it standard and clean.  Black Cap.  White raised Script Logo. Classic green underbill.  Classic & Timeless. Stay Tuned.  We dropping this one quick fast.  Don’t Sleep.

Road to SDCC & LET

Here is a few random photos of our journey to San Diego Comic Con & Low End Theory L.A. Fun times were had and one sad time (Walking Dead), yet we did our thing and met so many new people. Always a good time with LS at SDCC & LET, let begin…

Gotta find out whats the story behind this.


Haven’t flew Delta in a long time, i don’t know about other planes but our plane was cramp and stuffy.  It makes you pay for an upgrade on foot space.


Long hallways makes for dramatic shots. Shots fired.


Glad to be in the City of Angels.  Couldn’t live in L.A. but always down to ride.


First stop, the Krispy Kremery, where we got our donuts on and we took the browns to the superbowl.


Took a quick sesh at Stoner Park.  Just pushing around i could feel myself getting better…or it could of been the super smooth ground and ultra fun manny pads.  Hawaii get with the program, STOP MAKING X-GAMES PARK, aint nobody got time for 10 ft trannys and bowls.


Made a quick stop to scoop up Lofa at the Silent Stage Kompound.  Then off to SD to set up our booth with, Hyperactive Monkey.


There is only one way to Comic Con, well actually there are 2 ways, but the only way is the Lofa way.  If you want to fully experience SDCC then you gotta roll with us, but its not for the weak.  The other way is similar to an old man waking up for coffee at McD’s….We set up the booth and i off back to LA for Low End.


The Airliner is a dope spot tucked in between random shops.  You can drive right by it if you weren’t checking for it.   The sound is amazing.  The bass is in your guts and the vocals still sound crispy.  Respect to Daddy Kev and the LET fam.


Daddy Kev set it off first.  I love what they have done for the beat movement, or whatever you call it.  As progressive as it is they still allow space for the rawness of an all vinyl set.


Right before i played my first record i explained to the crowd that i will be playing all vinyl, all L.A. Underground & Indy Hip-Hop, and i hope you can just enjoy and vibe out.


With only a 30 minute set i had to just bang from record to record.  I messed up a few times by playing the instrumental and not the vocals.


The visuals were dope, but kept blinding me at certain points making it hard to focus in on the mix.  I should of took more time at sound check to get comfortable with the set up.


Overall it was awesome.  I was realy iffy on how L.A. was gonna receive an all L.A. set.  I know it sounds weird but the state of music today and being in Hawaii i don’t know what the people like.  I know what i think is dope, but is it the same sentiment by the people?


Safe to say, judging by the amount of love and props i was getting from people after my set, there is still people that love good music.  That love gritty and real feel music.  From the new beat to the beats that we grew up with.  Real people who like feel music.  OPIO from the Legendary Souls of Mischief was the headliner and he killed it.  Mahalo Low End Theory, ill see you next year…then i had to drive back to SD at 2am (monster, sour patch kids, and 80s love jams).


The rest is a blur…i did get to watch one of my favorite artists ever, MEAR ONE paint live.  His are is so influential in Hip-hop and politics in the 90′s even today.




I don’t know why i didn’t take more photos of the Cos Players, but i did get MegaMan, but wasn’t MegaMan a girl….no wait that was Metroid.






Look a photo of our booth.  Like i said after Weds, the rest of the trip was a blur.  I wanna give my self props on the new pvc shirt and had stands.  Ok Pau.  Much love to HYPERACTIVE MONKEY!


FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY.  Comic Con & Low End Theory over was epic.  So epic Ratchet Rey, one of our homies that came up to his first Con, almost died of some rat flu.  I got my foot bit by zombies, but survived.  This is just a few things that went down to make it EPIC!  MAHALO NUI LOA to Hyperactive Monkey, Hyper Will, Daddy Kev & the Low End Theory, DJ Nobody, Jon & Mel from Fully Laced, DJ Ratchet Rey, All the new, old, and OG ohana for LS.  God Bless us all.  Don’t Sleep.





Today on my born day i am blessed to be spinning at the Low End Theory in Los Angeles.  If you’re in LA or know anyone that is and love LA Underground / Independent Hip-Hop tell me to roll thorough to The Airliner.  I will be jumping on at 10:30pm and with a thick line up of Opio, KID606, Taurus Scott, Dubstrong, and Residents, Daddy Kev, Nobody, & Nocando. Don’t Sleep.



Majority of life’s opportunities are made, even with “luck” or “chance” you have to have made the step to get in position to be granted that “luck”.  We are blessed to be with HyperActive Monkey at the 2014 Comic Con in San Diego, Booth #5640.  Don’t Sleep.