Congrats to 808 Breakers on winning INERTiA 11.  This year we teamed up with DunkxChange to take the sneaker culture back to its roots of b-boyin’.  Also shouts to Supreme Pebbles on making the final battle dope. Mo’ Props to BRK, Team Injured, Sugoi Squad, FlyHI Killahz, Solid Fiyah, Oh Noes CPU, Team Killah Funk, Sugoi Troop, No Medical Insurance, & 808 Breakers.  We keep the battle moving and anticipate 2016 when we have INERTiA 12.  Don’t Sleep.



We back atcha’ with the realness. Easy math.  INERTiA 11 + Dunk x Change = The best time of your life next to tellin’ the chick you crushing on you like her and then she tells you the same. BOOM!  This sunday, the best in Hawaii kicks and b-boys get together to battle. 3 vs. 3 for $300.  More simple math. Get down to Blaisedell for presale tickets (its cheaper) or pay $15 the day of.  No hidden fees to enter. Once you pay entrance into DxC, sign up at the Lightsleepers table.  Doors open at 1, battle starts at 2.  Don’t Sleep.

The Metal Face

The Metal Face. Now available up in our webstore and later today at About The Goods.  Its pretty obvious what we flipped to get this done.  Every shirt ordered will also receive a free sticker of the design.  Thank You for not sleeping and Happy Doomsday.
tmf_zoom TMF tmf3 tmf4



Always wanted to do something for 4/20.  Since i don’t smoke the herbs, it never made sense to capitalize on the mary jane hype.  One day i wanted to learn when MF DOOM released, “Operation Doomsday” and sure enuff, 4/20/1999.  KABLAM!!! I already had DOOM themed shirts lined up to release, so might as well make our own Holiday.  Unlike, Dilla Day where we waited til we lost the legend, why not celebrate the Metal Face while he is alive.  We team up with About the Goods to use their spot (930 McCully St) and colab w/ Crappy Kids.  Our Fam, Claymoreminds, jumped aboard to round out the dope night.  6pm-9pm, Free, and a MMFOOD Potluck.  DJ Apocalypse & KTC, providing the beats. With the mic open and guest performances.  Stay Tuned for previews of what we droppin’.  Dont Sleep.

Rawnie Lovely: Producer Profile

Rawnie Lovely, brings his positive reggae vibes to the Beatroot Grand Championships stage. Gonna be a super dope Saturday Night. Don’t Sleep. Beatroot Grand Championships 2014/15 at Hawaiian Brian’s, April 4th, 8:30-1:30am, 18+/$10.



We are back, and dropping the Spring shirts and snapbacks, fully stocked and loading for you pleasure.  On top of all the ono food, we go the inkspillz live art.  So Don’t Sleep.

RolanTheory: Producer Profile

RolanTheory, gots to be the chillest of producers in Beatroot. What im expecting is he will have the most violent beats that night. Gotta give a shout out to his crew, Pervert Krew, they been supporting & entering Beatroot, since Ques? first battled at Rred Elephant! Don’t Sleep. Beatroot Grand Championships 2014/15 at Hawaiian Brian’s, April 4th, 8:30-1:30am, 18+/$10.