This has been in the pot brewing, so today we recorded our first podcast for SLEEP TIMES OVER w/ Kavet the Catalyst & Zack Morse.  Seriously, don’t take us serious. We will be covering Sports, News aka Current Events, & Hip-Hop.  In all the underlying theme is Hip-Hop. Stay tuned i will be uploading a link, feel free to laugh and say “what the heck” as many times as possible.  Don’t Sleep.

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THE 21st of June is back! GO SKATEBOARDING DAY! Since Skateboarding is now in my job description, i will be pushing wood at 7am to 10:00am b4 i open the shop. If you see me at the park or on the street stop me and i will give you a GO SKATEBOARDING DAY sticker pack!  Take advantage of our one day sale instore sale: $39.95 shop decks w/grip, shirts & hats %25 off, free GSD sticker pack for all skaters or with any purchase, just roll thru.  Mahalo. Don’t Sleep.

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BOOM! Snapchat Life. I’ve always been a fan of new tech, especially ones that can increase business, exposure, and help an independent artist/company like myself and many others. Once i hear about a new one i quickly register, Lightsleepers, if you see anyone else running that name, they poseurs, only one LS. But, a big butt, i don’t go balls to the wall on using it, i let it marinate and see how it pans out.

So whats different about our SnapChat?  1 – we only doing video, no photos.  2 – majority of the content will be totally different from out IG, FB, Twit, & Site.  3 – quick bits of insight and knowledge, not new to the game so we hope to help you out. 4 – we have no idea how big this will get, feels like ADD had a baby with ADHD, and out came snapchat.  So lets ride on this, thanks for the support. Don’t Sleep.


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We just released our Voltron shirt, with great response. Yes, it is white and no we did not make it in black. Yes i would of love to make it in white but then it would of been a sweatpatch on you chest. Anyways, i hope you enjoy the details of this mash up with Krylon. Available, instore and online. Don’t Sleep.
Voltron_zoom voltron_backzoom voltron_shirt

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Kamehameha Day Sale


Always feel kind of weird when i do sales just because its a Holiday.  Is that Honorable?  While i contemplate my life, i hope you take advantage of our Kamehameha Day Sale: 25% off instore & 15% off online free domestic shipping (use IMUA at check out) Mahalos for the support.  Don’t Sleep.

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…and we back with 2016 BEATROOT. I would like to say its been over 10 years but it feels like we were doing it for a few years before, fine tuning the BR formula around 2002-2003. Big ups to Mel-Z & Sentric putting me on to the International Producer Association (IPA) battles in NYC, back when they all battled with MPC’s, SP’s, and ASR’s.  July 21st, 2016 is the first prelims.  We have 4 solid dates and working on 2 more before we post up the schedule.  We also have set group of judges that will be judging.  Lastly, our new sponsor Lila Divine Audio Headphones each prelim winner will get a pair.  As always its free and at Easy Music Center

Don’t Sleep!  more info or to enter:

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Guess what we having an art show on the Eve of Amazing Comic Con.  This is how it went down.

“Yo Spel we should do an art show, what you think?”  – ktc

“yah sure, why not” – Spel

“But we only got 3 weeks to plan it?!” – ktc

“SHOOTS, lets do it” – ktc

Through the power of GreySkull we pulled off this Boba Fett inspired art show with a misfit cast of Artists.  So i hope yall can come down and spock em out. Don’t Sleep.

BOBA FETTISH – May 19th, 2016 – @Lightsleepers 2009 S. King St. – 6pm to 9pm – Music provided by: BlenKingz


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