If the Black Friday wasn’t going to be nuts already, we are having Award Winning Sculptor, J*RYU at the LSMC.  He will be bringing with him his newest KidRobot 8″ Dunny, “It’s a F.A.D.”  Also posted is Cosplay royalty, Vampy Bit Me and LS Ohana, Angry Woebots.  Woes pre-party is 5 to 7 & J*RYU x VAMPY there after.  Don’t Sleep.  

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Catch A Bad One

Its been a great opening week and to top it off Del the Funky Homosapien stopped in to check out the shop.  Mahalos to Shingo2 for bringing em by.  Some might know DEL as the leader of Hieroglyphics outta the Bay Area.  Others might know him from Deltron 3030 or his most known project The Gorillaz.  What an Honor.  Lets see what this next week, month, or end of 2015 will bring. Just awesomeness awaiting. Don’t Sleep.

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…And God said there shall be Light. Would be dope if he said, “Lightsleepers” but aye ill take just the Light. We opened a retail shop, a brick and mortar, a stand alone shop not in the Mall! I would of love to say that the journey was long but it was a blitz. I knew a LS shop was somewhere in our future, but not this soon. Well God had different plans and he blessed us with this great location. We are located 2009…

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We are opening up tonight!  9pm to Midnyte.  I was asked why, “Thursday” and why, “9-12″.  For the new heads, this exact time of the week was when i first started my radio show on KTUH 9.3fm.  The birth of Lightsleepers.  Never in my wildest imagination i thought that i would be opening a shop.  Fast Forwar 18+ years later and here we are.  Thank you for all the support.  Hope to see everyone at the shop. Mahalo and Don’t Sleep.

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Hard to find good crates

Its hard to find good crates.  Try buying on line and its a grip to send to Hawaii.  If you go and get all woodsmen its good to have a dope saw.  I got these crates from Wal-Mart, they are an online exclusive, super cheap.  Just so happen i went to the Wally Mart in town, never go there, it feels like the hastag #peopleyouseeatwalmart, you know the ones that dress all knawts.  Walking down the isle and BAM in the corner of my eye…

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The reason i picked, Thursday night from 9pm to 12am is because that is when i had my radio show.  Without the show, there would be no Lightsleepers.  Kavet the catalyst would exsist to what my impact would be might never be known.  I do know that God put me in this position to effect lives through Hip-Hop.    This shop is a culmination of patience, persistence, and experience.  The  Patience of asking “when will i get my time”  when in all realness, i’ve been living…

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Lightsleepers MC

If you are here then you are getting the inside scoops to the new Lightsleepers MC a.k.a. Lightsleepers McCully a.k.a. The MC a.k.a. The Hive 360 Cyhper Dojo Uppa Echelon.  I will be updating the site and giving more insight on how this all happened, history behind Lightsleepers, and what we have planned for the present and the future.  The above photo is shots of the shop in the days after i finally signed the lease.  We just starting…stay tuned and Don’t Sleep. God Bless…

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Long time friend of the Family, Daddy Kev, one of the founders of Low End Theory &  Owner of Alpha Pup is making his return to Hawaii.  Last time we shut it down.  I mean literally not our bad but the spot got shut down.  This time Kev will be at The Studio in Hawaiian Brians – October 23rd – 9pm to 1:30am.  Its 5 duckets, but free if you rocking ATG, LS, or Got Rice?  Thats deals!  The Ohana, Radius from Chicago but now…

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