Long time friend of the Family, Daddy Kev, one of the founders of Low End Theory &  Owner of Alpha Pup is making his return to Hawaii.  Last time we shut it down.  I mean literally not our bad but the spot got shut down.  This time Kev will be at The Studio in Hawaiian Brians – October 23rd – 9pm to 1:30am.  Its 5 duckets, but free if you rocking ATG, LS, or Got Rice?  Thats deals!  The Ohana, Radius from Chicago but now…

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Daddy Kev in Hawaii P.2

As i make the flyer for DADDY KEV (Low End Theory & Alpha Pup) it takes me back to the night when we shut down Fresh Cafe! Literally, Popo came storming in like it was a drug bust.  Well we back at it ready to have Kev complete his set, Part Deux .  The GET DOWN: October 23rd, 2015 – The Studio in Hawaiian Brians – 9pm to 1:30pm – 18+ – $5 – Free if you rocking LS, ATG, or GotRice?  Stay Tuned &…

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I got a bunch of friends named, Ditch Life, a ban of old dudes and not so old dudes that skateboard.   They been killing the Pin game for a minute now.   So i decided to take the massive Infinity Shaka and pin size it.  The 1″ inch soft enamel pin with metal backing is perfect to get snazzy.  Don’t Sleep.  Get you pin >>>here<<<

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Snap Back to the Future

Here is a little preview of whats to come this fall/winter for our snapback program.  As you know we some NewEra heads and we are working on getting that account.  Regardless, we will keep it moving until we get to our destination.  Thanks for the support and don’t sleep.

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Booth #215…how you get there

We made this map just incase you can’t find us at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  If you follow the arrows they all lead to BOOTH #215, not saying that our homies and other exhibitors are not visit worthy, just that we are here to tell you come to our booth first.  Thanks for your support, and here the map.

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Stick ‘em up

  Got some new Stick Em Ups for Amazing Con & to hook up all the presales of the ShAkuma.  The Don’t Sleep in Boltz, LS in new Hand Steeze, & ShAkuma.  Quality Stickers.  Check us at Nightmarket or Amazing Con for the cop.  Don’t Sleep.

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Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 12.13.38 AM

ShAkuma Presale

So it begins! ShAkuma the next in the Shaka Series.  We will be releasing the ShAkuma at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, but before we do we giving everyone a chance to cop before the drop.  Based in Hawaii, we know our fan base spans world wide, so heres your chance.  BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Every pre-sale shirt copped online will be entered into a random drawing for 1 of 3 ShAkuma Prints, signed by Spel Oner, the designer of ShakaTron, Infinity Shaka, & The ShAkuma. …

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We keep it Hayuken! ShAkuma for the next one who wants a shaka to the face.  We will be having a presale, Sept 7th On-line, and releasing the shirts and sticker at Amazing Hawaii Comic Convention, Sept 17th-19th.  Also got a Infinity Shaka Pin, LS Drips in Kawasaki Green, and a few new Snapbacks.  Only small kine to what we got for November.  Stay Tuned & Don’t Sleep.

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Sorry we haven’t updated the site in a quick minute. Two weeks ago we got a last minute invite to MADE IN HAWAII FESTIVAL.  So we hustled what little we had and push and pulled together the scraps. Usually known for local foods, grandma crafts,  jewelry, and braddah braddah kine shirt companies, we infiltrated the ranks and brought some funk to MiHF 2015. Mahalo to Made In Hawaii for the opportunity to spread some LS love. To all people that gave us a look, that…

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