We up in the spot at Art & Flea doing it proper.  Lemonade Pack.  Lemonade Trucker Hat.  Black on Black Drips.  Native & Wool 5 panel.  And a few of the D-Con exclusives.  Don’t Sleep.

Lemonade Pack

I don’t know about anywhere else but Lemonade in a mason jar is the craziest right now. People paying dumb prices for lemon water in a jar you can find at your G-ma’s house, you know the one that she puts the peanut butter cookies in…you know the cookies that has the fork prints on top!!! Word to OG-Ma Dukes around the world. Well we up the game and giving you a Lazer etched Lightsleepers Jar with a Yellow w/black drips shirt – plus some lemon candy goodness



We also have 2 limited edition trucker caps for you to cop if the jar and shirt ain’t your thing.  If you purchase the LS Lemonade Pack you can get a hat for deals.  If you just want the hat, we still get deals. In the end we all come up.  So check for us: Thursday at ART AND FLEA & Friday at EAT THE STREET. DON’T SLEEP.

Terminal skateshop NYC

We been lagging on cool and ish we dig content.  Big ups to JENKEM mag, tops of online raw Skateboarding articles & interviews.  Had to post this one about a skateshop ran out of an apartment. Terminal Skateshop.  Big ups to Eugene Kang the owner and his hustle.  Respect the grind.  Don’t Sleep.



With ART & FLEA, then EAT THE STREET coming up next week we are also gearing up for DESIGNER CON 2014 in Pasadena, Los Angeles – November 8th & 9th.   Our San Pedro Ohana, Silent Stage Gallery, will be hosting us at his booth.  We got 3 new drops, included is our first colab with brotha, Woes.  Gonna be a sick one!  Stay Tuned & Don’t Sleep.



The good people at SPELLS teamed up with RBMA to bring TOKIMONSTA back to Hawaii.  She killed it at Fresh last time so this time around it should be as phresh.  Make sure you look as asian as possible so you can get into the club.  Chee!  Relqx Winston.  Don’t Sleep.



For those who don’t know the impact Braddah Walt aka High Chief XL has on Hawaii Hip-Hop, just need to understand one thing, Love! He has the biggest heart, no matter what you looked like or what you represented, as long as you were there to have fun and bring positive vibes to Hawaii Hip-Hop you were welcomed.  We will be celebrating his life once again this Saturday at Next Door! I hope you can make it, ima bring some heat on the turntables fo sho!  Don’t Sleep.  Livicated to HIGH CHIEF XL. 


The rise of Mr. Carmack is crazy! I remember him hitting me up asking to enter Beatroot 2011/12 and like every producer that enters BR i ask to check out their music. Honestly couldn’t tell from his youtubes, but when the first beat dropped at BR, i was going nuts, i looked around and i don’t think anyone felt the same. Fast forward and now Carmack is touring and working with music heavyweights. We are blessed to be able to release his music on CD/Vinyl/Cassette. Dimebag has been his most popular release to date so it was a no brainer to release this first. This is a limited release leading up to a 7″ vinyl of Mr. Carmack on L-Side & SenDr.Izm (Sentric) on the S-Side. Stay Tuned and Don’t sleep.

*We just got the test press CD, once we approve, it should be a week or so.