Today we celebrate the Life of one James “J-Dilla” Yancy. His beats are a producers standard, an emcees spine, and a Hip-Hop heads life.  This is our 5th year doing a Dilla Day and this one we do it our style, the Lightsleepers Hawaii style. HAWAI’I LOVES J-DILLA

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Guess What? We love J-Dilla. Yes Hawaii loves one of the dopest producers to ever touch a MPC.  His natural swing on all his drums and the samples he chops are second to none.  We are embarking on our 5th Dilla Day; Donuts are Forever, KANO, Fall in Love, JDillaDayLaSoulDonuts, & now Hawai’i Loves J-Dilla. Stoked on this one its simple but still represents Hawai’i and Dilla’s classic album “Donuts”…

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Missing In Action.

If your reading this you are probably wondering, “where the heck have you been?”  If you don’t follow us on this site and this is the first time reading this, then welcome.  We been mentally working to better the shop, brand, and actually making music.  Our Instagram: @lightsleepers, of course is always updated and @lightsleepers_mc is the low down on the shop. We have a grip of events coming up and a few that passed!  So check back for the lowdown.  Mahalos for your support. Don’t Sleep.