Today on my born day i am blessed to be spinning at the Low End Theory in Los Angeles.  If you’re in LA or know anyone that is and love LA Underground / Independent Hip-Hop tell me to roll thorough to The Airliner.  I will be jumping on at 10:30pm and with a thick line up of Opio, KID606, Taurus Scott, Dubstrong, and Residents, Daddy Kev, Nobody, & Nocando. Don’t Sleep.



Majority of life’s opportunities are made, even with “luck” or “chance” you have to have made the step to get in position to be granted that “luck”.  We are blessed to be with HyperActive Monkey at the 2014 Comic Con in San Diego, Booth #5640.  Don’t Sleep.



We are everywhere like the plague. Nah, the fam holding down the Nightmarket spot for us.  Avant Pop & Engineered Arts keepin’ the goods, good.  Always with the feel good music is DJ Vapedama, Kutz, and the Ratchet One, Rey.  Don’t Sleep on this Nightmarket its a Pet friendly one, so bring your pet Rocko.  Word.


The MM DOOM is officially dropping at San Diego Comic Con, but before we jet off to bomb SoCal, we will be having a presale online for all the LS heads.  Limited number will be sold for each size after that its all getting shipped to SD.  Thanks for the continued support. Go get yours, Blessings. Don’t Sleep.


Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 12.34.44 AM

On the Re-Up Gangee.  Was planning to only re-release the ShakaTron at San Diego Comic Con, but the Hawaiians was up in arms about not being able to cop, so now can cop.  When we released the H1 – Don Robbs we only got half our order in which was only 24 pieces, and that sold out (majority online to mainland). Initially was gonna do the same and release at SDCC, but we gonna put a few online for the locals.  Mahalo Nui Loa for all the support.  Get Yours.  Don’t Sleep.

Camp James in Hawaii

Being the unda/indy Hip-hop head that i am you probably know how i feel about Trinidad James Music.  I have reconsidered my opinion and now say that T.J. is a dope individual, awesome performer, and all around cool dude.  First, he was down to earth at the DxC.  Second, he killed his performance.  There was about 80-100 people left at DxC when he jumped on stage to perform.  Instead of being a diva & giving a half ass show, he jumped in the crowd and had everyone surround him and he went hard!  Respect that. Last, he stayed and chopped it up with his fans and took photos.   Never seen an episode of Camp James, but its one of the better shoetubes out.  Check out the Ohana, Jon from Truest! All Gold Everything. Hahaha.